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Final property value can differ, ex-Citibank officer tells LGE trial

A witness in the chief minister's graft trial says this is because it takes time to finalise the sale.

Who next, Guan Eng? Your uncle, sister, aunty?, asks Wee over...

MCA No 2 sounds off Lim Guan Eng for using his wife, Betty Chew, to criticise him over undersea tunnel and road projects costing.

Guan Eng bayangkan pengganti jika sabit tuduhan rasuah

Ketua menteri yang berdepan tuduhan rasuah itu berkata tiada masalah mencari pemimpin menggantikan beliau.

DAP rep slams another lie from Rizal on Betty Chew

Yeo Bee Yin tells PM's aide that if Penang CM's wife rejected top post due to criticisms, then why doesn't Rosmah Mansor do likewise and quit Permata.

DAP slams PM’s aide for lying about Lim Guan Eng’s wife

Damansara Utama rep Yeo Bee Yin says Rizal Mansor continues to shamelessly spin the truth just to defend Rosmah Mansor and Permata.

Guess who gains from a Penang snap election

The Lim family's political legacy in Penang may be abruptly ended if a conviction comes without a prior election, as a by-election need not be called.

SPRM serah kertas siasatan LGE kepada Peguam Negara

Tindakan undang-undang akan diambil sekiranya Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali berpuas hati dengan keterangan kertas siasatan yang dikemukakan.

MACC officers enter Guan Eng’s house

Reporters stand outside Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s house for comments.

Guan Eng might face further MACC grilling

Two days of questioning about the RM2.8 million bungalow purchase ends at 7.45pm but chief minister may be called up again when necessary, says Rayer.

MACC to be done with Guan Eng by evening, says Rayer

MACC officers expected to wrap up after Penang Chief Minister spends a second day being questioned.

Banglo: SPRM selesai soal siasat Betty

Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang dan isteri disoal siasat selama tujuh jam di ibu pejabat SPRM negeri

MACC wraps up inquiry on wife, Guan Eng next

Penang Chief Minister and spouse Betty Chew spend seven hours at state MACC office over controversial bungalow purchase.

Phang and business associate to face MACC tomorrow

Kuala Lumpur International Dental Centre majority shareholder Tang Yong Chew and business partner Phang Li Koon to be questioned in Putrajaya.

Banglo & Taman Manggis: LGE, isteri diambil keterangan esok

Sehingga kini 62 saksi telah dipanggil memberi keterangan.

Tidak salah guna firma guaman isteri beli banglo

Betty Chew dan firma guamannya tidak mewakili Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang mahupun mempunyai sebarang urusan perniagaan dengan kerajaan negeri itu

Isterinya First Lady Of Penang

Guan Eng menuduh UMNO punca serangan terhadap isterinya.

Isu Betty : BN tempelak Guan Eng

Guan Eng sepatutnya cermin diri terlebih dahulu, melihat kesalahan sendiri sebelum menuding jari kepada pihak lain

You hurt your own family, Gerakan tells Lim Guan Eng

Oh Tong Keong observes that the Penang CM is fond of using his family to shield his own mistakes, thus inviting criticism from other parties.

Lim asks BN media: Why hurt my wife?

He says Betty's appointment to the PCCC is a non-issue since she has rejected it.

Archived: Do away with natural life sentence

A new controversy also sets to develop with one MP questioning the seating preference given to the Penang CM's wife in the state assembly.

Archived: A call for debate between Betty and Ng

The Penang Gerakan says that the two women should have a debate to clear allegations against Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Archived: Chua brings up scandal, Lim dismisses MCA

MCA president is disappointed Lim had dragged him into his alleged sex scandal while the DAP leader thinks MCA is not qualified to debate on BN government policies.

Archived: Karpal to Guan Eng: Call off debate

The DAP national chairman says MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek is an unworthy and improper opponent for the Penang chief minister.

Archived: Betty defends Guan Eng, hits out at MCA

The wife of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng accuses Dr Chua Soi Lek of condoning a BN conspiracy to spread lies about her husband's allegedly secret affair with a former staff .