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Tag: beverages

HK protests have caused 100 restaurants to close

Around 2,000 employees affected as a result.

AB Inbev targets US$5 billion in Asian unit’s Hong Kong IPO

The listing could be a boost to the Hong Kong bourse at a time when the market has been roiled by the US-China trade war and anti-government protests.

Non-alcoholic beer and ‘borrowing’ toilets

Different countries have different cultures and different norms.

Coca-Cola expands into coffee with US$5.1 bln deal for Britain’s Costa

For Coca-Cola, the deal adds to its efforts to move away from fizzy drinks towards more healthier options for increasingly health-conscious consumers.

10 drinks Malaysians love and its shocking calorie count

It's not just the food you eat but the beverages you drink that's packed with calories you could do without.

Canada looks to restrict sweet alcoholic drinks after teen dies

The proposed regulations would limit single-serve container sizes, the drinks' alcohol content, and the drinks' level of sweetness.