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Apologise, Indonesia’s Gojek riders tell Malaysian taxi boss

A video clip of the remarks allegedly by Shamsubahrin Ismail went viral in Indonesia recently.

Taxi company boss threatens protest over Gojek

Shamsubahrin Ismail says it is a step backwards for people and the nation if the government decides to go on with the proposal to introduce motorcycle ride-hailing service Gojek in Malaysia.

Cabbie anger grows over Grab proposal by minister’s aide

Over 200 taxi drivers stage a demonstration in Putrajaya against Tony Pua's idea to replace feeder buses with Grab, demanding a meeting with Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Appoint transport expert to head SPAD, taxi boss urges PM

Big Blue Taxi founder says he is writing to Land Public Transport Commission to request for a meeting with Isa Samad in order to brief him on industry.

‘Panic button won’t save passengers from rape’

Big Blue Taxi Services founder says such attacks occur swiftly and it is better to properly screen Grab or Uber drivers instead.

Taxi operator proposes fare hike to improve service

Big Blue Taxi Facilities adviser Shamsubahrin Ismail wants the flag-down fare to be doubled from the present RM3 to RM6 as drivers feel the pinch of high costs of living and fuel.

Big Blue Taxi: Why use Grab for games when there are...

Taxi operator takes issue with Putrajaya for allowing Grab to be the official transport provider for the SEA Games when its services are not yet approved by Parliament.

‘Most taxi drivers blacklisted, lead unhealthy lifestyles’

Big Blue Taxi adviser says many drivers with debts and ethical issues resort to working with Uber and Grab, bringing problems to the e-hailing sector.

Go after Grab, Uber passengers, taxi boss tells SPAD

Big Blue Taxi Services founder Shamsubahrin Ismail blames the public for creating the current 'mess' affecting the taxi industry.

Big Blue Taxi boss apologises to SPAD chairman

Shamsubahrin Ismail says passion had clouded his judgement and caused him to lash out.

Syarikat koperasi didakwa tipu urus niaga teksi

Big Blue Taxi Capital mendakwa mereka ditipu dalam urus niaga pembelian 3 teksi daripada syarikat koperasi pada 2012.

Co-op firm accused of fraud in taxi deal

Big Blue Taxi urges SPAD and the Malaysian Cooperatives Commission to take action.

Adapt to new public transport landscape, 4PAM tells cabbies

Public Transport Users Association president says there is new opportunity in the public transport sector and calls for taxi drivers to be more creative.

Hotel, pusat beli-belah nafi beri hak eksklusif kepada teksi

Pengurusan hotel dan pusat beli-belah utama di ibu kota berkata, Uber dan Grab dialu-alukan mengambil penumpang di premis mereka.

Hotels, malls deny exclusive rights to taxi companies

Dismissing claim by Big Blue Taxi chief, Shamsubahrin Ismail, major hotels and mall management say Uber, Grab are welcome to pick up passengers at entrances.

Syarikat teksi cadang pemandu makan gaji lawan Uber, Grab

Shamsubahrin berkata, langkah memberi pendapatan tetap kepada pemandu teksi perlu untuk mengelakkan mereka kehilangan pekerjaan.

Taxi firms may start paying salaries to cabbies

Big Blue Capital adviser Shamsubahrin Ismail says move to fixed income model for taxi drivers may be necessary to get thousands of taxis back on the road.

Taxi boss forbids Uber, Grab from making pick-ups at KLCC

Ride-sharing drivers will be told to pick up shoppers at KLCC from alternative pick-up points due to passengers' safety concerns, says Shamsubahrin Ismail.

Big Blue Taxi boss sees red over nod for Uber, Grab

Taxi company founder lashes out at Cabinet, SPAD over green light for ride-sharing services and warns that the issue of errant drivers will persist.

‘Big Blue’ to rival Uber and Grab

Taxi company to launch taxi-hailing app to rival ride-sharing apps Uber and Grab.

Gantung permit teksi pemilik bermasalah

Pengusaha teksi gesa kerajaan dan SPAD supaya mengantung permit pemandu teksi bermasalah selama dua tahun