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Tag: bigotry

Stage 4 cancer in our public universities

How can we employ graduates who can only offer an imaginary social contract as their curriculum vitae to secure employment?

Don’t start racial fires in the name of fireman Adib

The Seafield temple violence was not a racial issue but now the temple issue has been turned into an issue over Adib’s death by some groups, and I am afraid it has become a racial issue.

The Sungai Kandis question: Do Malays want to be Malaysians?

Our religious and so-called academic education are the real culprits: they have produced a majority of Malays who do not care what being a Malaysian is all about.

Battling bigotry a new challenge for top Indian companies

The reputational risks to companies of an increasingly polarized political and social discourse online are relatively new in India, according to Kroll.

Twitter, Google sued from opposite sides over ‘White Pride’

Publisher takes the micro-blogging site to court after it allegedly banned American Renaissance for supposedly being racist and extremist.

Fighting racism and extremism

Writer calls for more people to speak up and be constant in their actions, if the fight against race and religious bigotry is to be more effective.

School’s policy of separate cups for Muslims and non-Muslims draws ire

The practice started last year and parents are not pleased.

Get rid of racist BTN, urges DAP’s Kasthuri

The Batu Kawan MP says Najib’s statement that BTN will help BN stay in power is unbefitting of a statesman.