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Tag: Bihar

Deaths from India’s ‘above normal’ monsoon rise to nearly 140

Some 900 inmates shifted from Uttar Pradesh prison to ‘ensure their safety and health’.

Uttar Pradesh to probe children’s shelters following sexual abuse cases

A 13-year-old who escaped a shelter in the city of Deoria, in Uttar Pradesh state, tipped off the police who conducted a raid and rescued 20 girls and three boys.

Indian police widen investigation into shelter where girls allegedly raped

The home named Seva Sankalp Samiti, located in Muzaffarpur in the state of Bihar, was investigated due to reports of rape and murder.

India police arrest seven in suspected rape, blackmail of teenage girl

Five students, a teacher, and a school principal were arrested in Bihar.

Gangguan elektrik paksa doktor bedah guna lampu suluh

Pesakit tersebut memerlukan rawatan perubatan segera memaksa doktor meneruskan pembedahan dalam ketiadaan elektrik.

Police probe case of Indian man ‘kidnapped’ for marriage

A video circulated on social media shows the engineer being manhandled and forced to dress for the wedding as he pleads for freedom.

Komuniti pemakan tikus yang terabai di India

Ahli komuniti Musahar seperti Rakesh dan aktivis seperti Sudha sedar polisi kerajaan, sistem pemerintahan dan perubahan masa tidak banyak ubah nasib Musahar.

The ‘Rat Eaters’ of Bihar: India’s poorest people?

Musahars -- 'Rat Eaters' -- is one of India's most marginalised communities, even the browbeaten low-caste Dalits look down on them.

Awas, jangan makan laici dengan perut kosong

Kanak-kanak miskin di ladang laici di Bihar diracuni toksin hipoglisin selepas mereka makan buah itu dengan perut kosong.

Lightning kills 93, mostly farmers, in India

Most deaths occurred in the eastern state of Bihar, where an overnight storm killed at least 56 people and injured another 28, mainly in rural areas.