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Tag: Bilahari Kausikan

Ahli Parlimen DAP bidas bekas diplomat Singapura dakwa PH gagal

Ia susulan kenyataan Bilahari Kausikan dalam syarahan di Universiti Kebangsaan Singapura minggu lalu yang mendakwa kerajaan PH gagal dan sokongan orang Melayu semakin berkurangan.

DAP MP attacks ‘gullible’ Singapore ex-diplomat for saying PH falling apart

Charles Santiago responds to sharp comments made by Bilahari Kausikan during a recent speech.

Ex-Singapore diplomat takes dig at Saifuddin over dispute de-escalation plan

Bilahari Kausikan says ‘Good try, but no cigar’ to Saifuddin over his suggestion that both countries cease sending assets into the disputed area pending discussions.

There’s a new sheriff in town now, ex-diplomat tells Singapore

A former ambassador says Singapore should get used to the fact that the new government, unlike the Najib Razak administration, prioritises Malaysia's interest above all else.

Malaysia doesn’t need to make a bogeyman out of Singapore

Characterising the new Malaysian government as 'intrinsically unstable' is too much.

‘Unstable’ Malaysian govt using Singapore as ‘bogeyman’, says ex-diplomat

Bilahari Kausikan of Singapore says the island republic is being used by the new Pakatan Harapan government to ‘hold things together’, which is why disputes have been cropping up again.

Get in or get out, Singapore diplomatic czar tells Putrajaya over...

Seasoned diplomat gives a stinging one-line comment on Malaysia's apparent indecision over the KL-Singapore rail project.