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Tag: billboards

Facebook pushes online ads, then spends its cash on billboards

Facebook recently ran an outdoor campaign to promote its new approach to user safety and privacy.

Face matters this election

Face matters in politics because it is associated with a particular person, his deeds, or the party with which he is affiliated.

‘Dr M and Anwar’ make surprise appearance at Penang market

Former foes 'shake hands' before the Friday lunch crowd to show they have buried the hatchet.

Dr M’s picture not allowed since PH using PKR logo, says...

EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah says only the pictures of the PKR president and deputy president can be used on campaign materials.

Abolish LDP toll? Why now, Gobind asks BN candidate

Gobind Singh Deo says BN Puchong candidate Ang Chin Tat's pledge is hollow as the matter can only be decided by the federal government.

PH given 12 hours to remove Dr M billboards in Negeri...

State DAP chief Anthony Loke says the opposition pact has no choice but to comply.

Complaints over ‘intimidating’ Arabic signs for hit Israeli TV show

Billboards advertising the upcoming season of Fauda have been taken down after complaints from two Israeli cities.

Highway operators urged to check on faulty billboards

Malaysian Highway Authority call comes after two billboards collapse during storm on Sunday.

‘Vandalism of posters shows Anwar still rattles authorities’

Bayan Baru PKR deputy chief Ahmad Azrizal Tahir fumes after 31 billboards and posters go missing in Bayan Baru.

10 Pakatan billboards vandalised in Sekinchan

They were found torn or splashed with paint overnight.

No letter from IGP on #BebasAnwar billboards

Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali says the state government would wait for an official letter from IGP before taking any action to take down billboards.