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Tag: billions

California fires looking as costly as hurricane at US$19 Billion

The most destructive series of wildfires in California history could cost the state, insurers and homeowners at least US$19 billion in damages, as firefighters...

Umno doesn’t have assets worth billions, says Zahid

He says details on the matter would be given in the most transparent way.

Guan Eng asks Najib 3 questions over delay in GST refunds

He says although the then treasury secretary-general made the decision, Najib had a critical role as he was the finance minister.

Facebook pushes online ads, then spends its cash on billboards

Facebook recently ran an outdoor campaign to promote its new approach to user safety and privacy.

KTM denies RM5.7 billion train purchases from China

KTM Bhd CEO Rani Hisham Samsudin dismisses claim by the company’s workers’ union that the previous government made the purchases without an open tender.

Lebanon hopes to raise billions to keep economy afloat

Growth in the small Mediterranean country has plummeted in the wake of repeated political crises, compounded by the 2011 breakout of civil war in neighbouring Syria.

Saudi Arabia to tender consolidation of project consultancy services

The kingdom plans to hire a consultancy at each ministry or state entity to supervise its pipeline of projects worth billions of dollars.

Doubts raised over benefits of High Speed Rail

Public Transport Users Association (4PAM) believes it would be better to use the billions allocated for the project to upgrade and expand public transport in the country.