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Tag: Bintulu

Cops deny terror cell members in Sibu or Bintulu

Police urge people not to believe WhatsApp messages on suicide attacks planned in the two divisions.

Polis nafi rancangan serangan IS di Bintulu

Ketua polis Bintulu berkata keadaan keselamatan secara keseluruhannya terkawal.

LNG loadings normal after fire at Bintulu complex

LNG loadings were briefly disrupted during an investigation into the fire.

Bintulu LNG plant cuts exports amid technical uncertainty

Nine LNG tankers are currently anchored outside the facility, according to ship-tracking data on Reuters Eikon.

Sarawak peroleh 10% saham fasiliti gas asli cecair Petronas

Kerajaan negeri telah menandatangani lampiran terma dengan Petronas unuk satu penyertaan ekuiti dalam LNG Train 9 di kompleks LNG syarikat itu di Bintulu.

Tiong: Mahathir owes Sabah, Sarawak apology

The Bintulu MP says that Dr Mahathir Mohamad failed to give sufficient funds to develop rural areas in the two states while in power for 22 years as prime minister.

One dead in Bintulu tanker explosion

Martin Joshua was found underneath a Toyota Fortuner four-wheel-drive vehicle which was also destroyed in the incident.

3 Filipinos held for trafficking 29 women in S’wak

The women were rescued from two bars in Bintulu after the Philippine embassy received reports on the trafficked Filipinas.

Santiago told he has only one day to campaign in Sarawak

Charles Santiago of the DAP is the only one in a group comprising other DAP, PKR and Amanah politicians who was ordered to leave the state the very next day.

Ahli Parlimen Klang hanya ada 24 jam di Sarawak

Charles berkata, beliau tidak diberikan sebarang maklumat mahupun amaran dan hanya tahu mengenai perkara itu hari ini.