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Tag: biodiversity

Food, medicine, water: What has Nature done for us lately?

Around half of the active ingredients in commercial medicines derive from plants or animals.

After Pulau Kukup, is another mangrove forest in danger?

Activists raise concerns over the opening of a golf course and hotel in what they claim lies within Sungai Pulai, a mangrove forest reserve and Ramsar site in Johor.

Former science adviser gets international Midori Prize 2018

The award comes with a prize money of US$100,000 to help support his work in biodiversity.

UN begins talks on treaty to protect imperiled high seas

Four sessions of talks are planned to take place over two years, with the goal of protecting marine biodiversity and avoiding further pillaging of the oceans.

Seven percent of Australia’s reptiles ‘risk extinction’

The island continent is home to an unusually diverse reptile population, which evolved in isolation and represents almost 10% of the global reptile fauna.

Study: Palm oil ban likely to displace, not halt, biodiversity losses

If palm oil is replaced by much larger areas of rapeseed, soy or sunflower fields, different natural ecosystems and species may be affected, says conservation group.

Lake Victoria biodiversity being ‘decimated’, conservationists say

Seventy-six percent of freshwater species endemic to East Africa's Lake Victoria basin face the threat of extinction.

Ultra-thin sun shield could protect Great Barrier Reef

The World Heritage-listed site, which attracts millions of tourists each year, is reeling from significant bouts of coral bleaching due to warming sea temperatures linked to climate change.

Species in decline worldwide, humans at risk

Human activity has driven animals and plants into decline in every region of the world, putting our own well-being at risk by over-harvesting and polluting, a comprehensive species survey warned Friday.

IPBES: Keeping its finger on the pulse of biodiversity

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), which published a major assessment on the health of the world's species Friday, is an independent body created by more than 100 countries in 2012.

Scientists release mammoth survey of Nature’s vital signs

The diagnosis is expected to be dire.

The IPBES: the world’s guardian of biodiversity

Ever since its creation in 2012, the IPBES has been at the forefront of protection of global biodiversity.

Global biodiversity ‘crisis’ to be assessed at major summit

Starting Saturday, a comprehensive, global appraisal of the damage, and what can be done to reverse it, will be conducted in Colombia.

New scorpion species discovered in Penang

The species was discovered in the Penang Hill rainforest, and is part of the ghost scorpion biological group.

Prince Charles, Camilla to visit Malaysia in November

Royal couple to attend gala dinner celebrating 60 years of diplomatic ties between Britain and Malaysia.

Enjoy your holidays, but think green too, says hotelier

Ecotourism hotelier calls for local and foreign tourists to be mindful of the environment, especially during holidays and trips.

FRIM fellow gets top botanical medal for plant conservation

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh honours Dr Saw Leng Guan for excellence as a taxonomist and 30-year efforts on biodiversity and conservation.

Prof’s lesson on food and the birds and the bees

Food supplies under threat from extinction of animals that carry out pollination.