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Tag: biopic

Russian cinema goers denounce censorship of Elton John biopic

Russia has a dire record on LGBT rights and a controversial law bans the promotion of 'non-traditional sexual relationships' to minors.

Boy George biopic in the works

The untitled film will explore Boy George's childhood in an Irish working-class family, and detail his rise to the top of the international charts.

From ‘Your Song’ to your movie: ‘Rocketman’ builds on new music...

Anticipation for the Elton John-centered film "Rocketman" highlights the musical biopic genre's growing popularity among film audiences.

Angry at being dubbed a hustler, Maradona dismisses new film

Maradona says he did not hustle anyone and is very upset by the film's title and urges the public not to see the movie.

Renee Zellweger transformed as Judy Garland for movie ‘Judy’

Judy Garland's daughter, Liza Minnelli, has however distanced herself from the film.

‘Tolkien’ looks at writer’s early years

'Tolkien' begins its cinema roll-out from May 3.

Modi film banned until after election

India's EC will not film any biopic that has the potential to influence an election.

India’s top court dismisses petition against Modi film

The three-judge bench said "too much of court's time was being wasted on non-issue".

Tom Hanks to play Elvis Presley’s manager in Baz Luhrmann movie

The movie will centre on Presley's rise to stardom, as well as his relationship with Parker.

Rosa Parks movie biopic in the works

The iconic figure was best known for her pivotal role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Biopic spotlights troubled life of Bollywood’s ‘Deadly Dutt’

The Hindi-language actor, nicknamed "Deadly Dutt", served over four years in prison for possessing guns supplied by gangsters behind a series of bombings in Mumbai in 1993, India's deadliest to date.

Times reporting on Weinstein to be turned into Hollywood film

Harvey Weinstein made a clutch of Oscar-winning films. Now, the disgraced movie mogul will be the subject of a film -- about the accusations of sexual harassment and assault that ended his career and the New York Times team that broke the story.

Paramount announces Elton John biopic

Paramount has agreed to fund and distribute "Rocketman," a biopic about British entertainer Elton John, a spokesman for the US studio said on Thursday.

Chong Wei: That’s not me in sex video

The national badminton star says speculation over the person in the video, who does not look like him, could have been started by those who want to see him fail and he will be making a police report today.