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Tag: Bird Flu

Wong denies bird flu in Sabah due to ministry’s negligence

Sabah Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Junz Wong says his ministry has been much stricter than the previous administration.

Bird flu fears: Minister says enough chickens for festivity

State veterinary department confirmed a third case of the disease in Tuaran.

Sabah HFMD cases up although national numbers are down

Sabah health director Dr Christina Rundi says 2,611 new cases detected against 2,200 the previous week.

Sabah bird flu epidemic contained, says minister

Minister Junz Wong assures public that chickens from affected farm have been disposed of and that chicken meat and eggs sold in the market are safe for consumption.

No proof of bird flu in chicken deaths, says Sabah minister

Junz Wong says tests will be done to determine the actual cause.

Bird flu outbreak at Dutch farm

The Dutch agricultural ministry said that a variant of H5 bird flu was detected in a farm in Oldekerk.

China reports first human case of H7N4 bird flu

The victim, from the province of Jiangsu, has since recovered.

‘Don’t roast officers who seize animal products at airport’

Sabah Deputy Chief Minister says government cannot compromise on public health which is at risk if animal products brought in contain the highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Fears dumped chicken wings sold to public

Reps call for investigation on whether chicken wings buried in Sibu were contaminated after hundreds of villagers are seen digging up the meat.

Broiler chicken, eggs safe, assures Veterinary Department

No sign of the bird flu, confined to Kelantan, spreading to humans, says health ministry.

No health officers down with bird flu, says Subra

Health minister says all health officers treating patients with H5N1 take protective measures, including wearing face masks and gloves.

H5N1: 1,800 birds, 1,075 eggs destroyed in Kelantan

The Kelantan Veterinary Services Department says no more affected locations have been reported.

H5N1 detected in two more locations in Pasir Mas

More than 500 birds and 400 eggs have been destroyed since yesterday, says Kelantan Veterinary Services Department.

Hilmi: Workers in chicken-rearing industry free from H5N1

There is no report of the H5N1 affecting humans yet, says deputy health minister.

H5N1: No order to close schools, says education sec-gen

Alias Ahmad says education ministry yet to receive instructions to close schools or change the menu at school canteens in Kelantan.

Bird flu has not spread to humans, says health minister

Dr S Subramaniam says personal hygiene needed to prevent bird flu (H5N1) virus from infecting humans.

Kelantan declares bird flu outbreak state disaster

This follows the outbreak spreading to two other districts, Bachok and Pasir Puteh, after Kota Bharu and Pasir Mas.

Kelantan bird flu may stem from cockfighting activities

Similarity seen between present cases and those in 2004 which also occurred in Kelantan when roosters infected with H5N1 were involved in cockfighting at the border areas.

H5N1 bird flu detected in Kelantan

Highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu strain confirmed among chickens at a backyard farm, says Malaysia in a report to world body on animal health.