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Tag: Bitcoin

Bitcoin tops $12,000 for first time since January 2018

The largest cryptocurrency surged about 8%, surpassing the US$12,000 level for the first time in almost a year and a half.

Bitcoin climbs above US$11,000 as memories of popped bubble fade

Bitcoin trades above US$11,000 for the first time in 15 months, recouping more than half of the parabolic increase that captured the attention of mainstream investors before the cryptocurrency bubble burst last year.

Bitcoin climbs to US$10,000 as memories of the crypto bubble fade

The bounce back of Bitcoin has been extraordinary says an analyst.

Bitcoin turns crypto haven as biggest exchange plans to restrict US...

Bitcoin gains as much as 2.4% to US$8,463 while just about all the so-called alt-coins such as Ether, Litecoin and EOS were in the red.

Hottest crypto is up 330% this year and its name isn’t...

Litecoin is the year's top performing cryptocurrency, gaining more than 330% since the beginning of the year and outpacing all its crypto peers including Ether, XRP and even Bitcoin.

Bitcoin jumps toward US$9,000 in best-performing month since 2017

Bitcoin’s run this year follows a painful downtrend that lasted the majority of last year and saw the digital currency tumble more than 70%.

As bitcoin gyrates, less euphoria in evidence at blockchain gathering

This year’s attendance fell short of the 2018 count of 8,000, as only 4,800 people came to the event.

Bitcoin tumbles as stellar run for digital tokens loses footing

The downdraft comes after the world’s largest digital currency more than doubled in 2019.

Bitcoin tops US$8,000 as resurgence of cryptocurrencies goes on

The cryptocurrency climbed to its biggest one-day increase since 2014.

Bitcoin extends surge past US$7,300 to highest since September

The biggest cryptocurrency has more than doubled since its Dec 14 trough and is now rising for a sixth-straight day.

Hackers steal US$41 million worth of bitcoin from Binance

7,000 bitcoin were withdrawn by hackers using a variety of techniques.

Crypto exchange Kraken sued by former trading desk manager

Jonathan Silverman claimed he never received a commission nor additional promised stock options during a three-month period in 2017.

Bitcoin soars past US$5,000, mystery buyer seen as catalyst

Cryptocurrency markets have been relatively calm so far this year, with bitcoin trading until today between around US$3,300 and US$4,200.

Bitcoin’s sudden jump propels Cryptocurrency above US$5,000

Its good news for bitcoin dealers, as the currency had climbed to its highest number since November.

Plans for blockbuster cryptocurrency IPO shelved amid bitcoin slump

Bitmain Technologies has allowed its IPO application to lapse, but plans to restart its application at an 'appropriate time in the future'.

Hottest crypto coin’s massive rally echoes Bitcoin’s glory days

Binance Coin, also known as BNB, is on the way to becoming a favorite medium of exchange for issuers of initial coin offerings.

Verdict due in MtGox bitcoin embezzlement case

Mark Karpeles is alleged to have repeatedly manipulated computer data over several years while embezzling a total of US$3 million of clients' money deposited at the company.

‘Lord Voldemort’ insurance agent jailed in Singapore

'Lord Voldemort', the insurance agent, threatens clients unless they pay him bitcoins.

Letters asking for RM50,000 to ‘close case’ not from us, says...

MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Azam Baki says the agency does not issue letters to offer to close any purported cases.

Regulators say new EU cryptoasset rules may be needed

Although the cryptocurrencies value crash has put off some investors, French 'Tabac' shops are selling bitcoins alongside cigarettes and lottery tickets. 

After the crash, dreams die hard for Wall Street crypto bankers

Established firms this year slowed their already halting efforts to make a business out of Bitcoin mania.

Bitcoin ransoms just are not what they used to be

Cryptocurrencies have long been a favourite ransom tender for cyber criminals thanks to the currencies' anonymous nature.

Japan seeks ten-year-term for ex-MtGox bitcoin chief

Mark Karpeles, 33, faces charges that he fraudulently manipulated data and pocketed millions of dollars' worth of the virtual currency.

Crypto’s US$700 billion swoon bloodies ‘electronic cash’ dream

The funk engulfing cryptocurrencies has now sent the total value of the 100 largest tokens to around half that of Visa Inc.