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Tag: Black Box

Pilot killed in Eurofighter collision over eastern Germany

'We lost a soldier in a flight accident. Our thoughts are with his family and his comrades.' says Defence Minister Ursula Von Der Leyen.

‘Weight and balance’ errors caused deadly Cuba air crash

'The most likely causes of the accident is due to the crew's actions and its mistakes in calculating the weight and balance, which led to the loss of control and collapse of the aircraft during takeoff.'

Missing 737 sensor said to be a focus of Ethiopian crash...

Boeing 737 Max jet’s black-box recorder indicates that a new anti-stall system known as MCAS was pushing the plane’s nose down during the March 10 disaster.

French investigators resume work on Ethiopian jet’s black boxes

The black boxes' data should provide answers to why the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft hurtled into the ground minutes after takeoff.

Boeing 737 MAX jets could be grounded for weeks awaiting black...

The Boeing 737 Max Ethiopian air crash tragedy last weekend, has jeopardised Boeing's credibility as the oldest planemaker.

Ethiopian Airlines flies black boxes of crashed Boeing to Paris

Ethiopia does not have the equipment to process the data and Germany is unable to read the software used by Boeing.

Black boxes integral to air crash probes

All commercial planes are required to have two black boxes on board – a flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder.

Indonesia finds cockpit voice recorder of crashed Lion Air jet

The device is 1 of the 2 so-called black boxes crucial for the investigation of a plane crash.

Lion Air ends search for 2nd black box

The Boeing 737 Max jet crashed into the Java Sea on Oct 29, killing 198 people.

Hunt for Lion Air jet’s black box delayed by bad weather

Lion Air's decision to foot the US$2.6 billion bill for the search is a rare test of global norms regarding search independence, as such costs are typically paid by governments.

Indonesia keeps up search for crashed jet’s black box as signal...

JAKARTA: Indonesia is still trying to find the cockpit voice recorder from a Lion Air jet that crashed into the sea near Jakarta last...

Indonesia extends search for victims, second black box from crashed jet

The decision was based on an evaluation and observations of the crash site.

Indonesia struggles with damaged black box from crashed jet, hunts for...

Efforts are now focused on retrieving the second of the two black boxes, as the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder are known.

Indonesia hunts sea bed for crashed Lion Air jet’s 2nd black...

Searchers have found only part of one black box and just one passenger has been identified from partial remains after air traffic control lost contact with the plane 13 minutes after it took off on Monday from the capital.

Part of landing gear, one ‘black box’ recovered from Indonesia jet

Dozens of divers are taking part in the massive recovery effort along with helicopters and ships, but the authorities have all but ruled out finding any survivors.

One ‘black box’ recovered from Indonesia jet as first funeral held

Dozens of divers are taking part in the massive recovery effort along with helicopters and ships, but authorities have all but ruled out finding any survivors.

Divers retrieve black box from crashed Lion Air jet

The black box was orange in colour and intact.

Indonesia believes it has located crashed jet’s fuselage and black box

The plane's black boxes, as the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder are known, should help explain why the almost-new jet went down minutes after take-off.

Indonesia closes in on location of doomed jet’s black box

Retrieving the black box will be key to unlocking why the Boeing 737-MAX, one of the world's newest and most advanced commercial passenger jets, nosedived into the Java sea so soon after leaving Jakarta.

Police say drone not cause of Leicester helicopter crash as black...

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said it had recovered the flight data recorder and would remain in the city until the end of the week before transporting the wreckage to its facilities in Farnborough.

MH370 remains may be preserved underwater, says oceanographer

David Gallo points out that many people were still found in their seats when wreckage of another plane, Air France 447, was found in Atlantic Ocean.

Black box for sunken tanker Sanchi opened, Iranian media say

The black boxes for the Sanchi and the CF Crystal have both been opened.

No bomb near Bukit Bintang mall, say police

Police conducting further investigation to determine identity of individual who placed a black box near entrance of shopping centre in Bukit Bintang.