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Reprieve for Cathay as China’s aviation authority says its demands met

The report from China's aviation authority provided some much-needed relief for the Hong Kong airline .

Trump says Xi can ‘quickly and humanely solve’ HK standoff

The US says it is 'deeply concerned' over Chinese security force movements on the border with Hong Kong and urged Beijing to honour the territory's autonomy.

Hong Kong airport reopens after overnight clashes, mass protests

Five people were detained as protestors overnight harassed and assaulted a visitor and a journalist, according to Hong Kong police.

US confirms China moving troops to HK border

'I hope it works out peacefully, nobody gets hurt, nobody gets killed,' says US President Donald Trump.

Protesters throng HK airport as property lobby calls for calm

The increasingly violent protests pose one of the gravest populist challenges yet to Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Taiwanese bubble tea brands face mainland boycott over HK gesture

Mainland Chinese internet users are infuriated over popular bubble tea franchises voicing their solidarity with Hong Kong street protesters.

US blocks more Chinese tech firms

The blacklist targets Sugon along with three of its microchip subsidiaries and a computing institute owned by the People's Liberation Army.

US adds Saudi Arabia, Cuba to human trafficking blacklist

The US State Department faults Saudi Arabia for violations against foreign labourers while accusing Cuba of trafficking its doctors overseas.

China targets FedEx in ‘warning’ to US

The latest salvo signals there’s no truce in sight in the struggle between the world’s two biggest economies at a time when trade talks have collapsed.

China to create blacklist of ‘unreliable’ foreign firms

China may create a blacklist of 'unreliable' foreign firms and individuals after a trade war escalation and the United State's Huawei ban.

Education ministry mulls blacklisting contractors who mistreat workers

Minister Maszlee Malik says his ministry will review policies and procedures to penalise the guilty parties.

China prevents UN blacklisting of leader behind Kashmir attack

Pakistan-based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad is a primarily anti-India group that forged ties with al-Qaeda and was blacklisted by the UN Security Council in 2001.

EU adds UAE, Bermuda to expanded tax haven blacklist

The 28-nation EU set up the blacklist in Dec 2017 after revelations of widespread tax avoidance schemes used by corporations and wealthy individuals to lower their tax bills.

EU broadens its dirty-money blacklist, adds Saudi Arabia

Critics said the list fell short of including several countries that have been involved in money-laundering scandals in Europe.

63,000 foreigners barred from entering Malaysia, says Immigration DG

They were found to have committed offences under the Immigration Act.

No application to blacklist Zahid’s passport, says Mustafar

It will do so if there is a request from MACC, it says.

Russian ‘Facebook’ bans Myanmar army chief, hardline monk

After Facebook blacklisted him, the military head immediately opened up an account on VK, which has a very similar blue and white interface to its Silicon Valley counterpart but is hosted by Myanmar's staunch ally Russia.

Sarawak Report’s Rewcastle-Brown briefly detained in Singapore

The British investigative journalist was detained following a 'mystery blacklisting' in 2016.

Blacklisted Australian rights activist leaves Philippines

The Philippine government said Gill Boehringer, was put on a blacklist for allegedly violating laws barring foreigners from engaging in political activities after he attended a protest in 2015.

Turkey on Trump blacklist as sanctions spell trouble for economy

Erdogan knows where his economy, heavily reliant on foreign financing, is most vulnerable. But it’s not clear what he can do to shield it from the wrath of Donald Trump.

Deputy minister: Unfair to blacklist PTPTN loan defaulters

Teo Nie Ching says the Pakatan Harapan government believes that every citizen has a right to freedom of movement.

More than 400,000 PTPTN defaulters taken off blacklist

Its chairman Wan Saiful Wan Jan says borrowers who were barred from travelling abroad are now free to do so.

Immigration says no records of Musa, Jamal leaving country

Action would be taken against them if they are found to have left Malaysia illegally as both are on a travel blacklist, says Immigration director-general.

US sanctions Iran groups for ‘rights abuses’

Ansar-e-Hezbollah, Evin Prison, and Hanista Programming Group were all blacklisted for human rights abuses and censorship.