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Tag: blockbuster

‘Men in Black’ Hemsworth and Thompson suit up for fourth installment

The fourth instalment of the 'Men in Black' film series gears up for release.

Netflix tiptoes into theaters but demands secrecy about outcome

Netflix released “Roma” in theatres last week ahead of its online debut -- anathema for the world’s biggest paid video-streaming service.

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ tops box office again

Rom-com "Crazy Rich Asians" proved its staying power in North America, topping the box office for the second weekend running

Netflix shares take hit as subscriber slip hints at “lumpy” road...

While Wall Street remains overwhelmingly positive on Netflix and its role in video streaming globally, the second quarter figures did raise question marks over future growth.

Alibaba epic pulled after box office flop

The move highlights the challenges China's facing as it seeks to promote home-grown productions to rival imported Hollywood films.

Indian blockbuster spotlights slum dwellers’ struggle for land rights

Residents of Mumbai's sprawling Dharavi slum face down a powerful politician eying their community for a real estate development in an Indian blockbuster, which puts a rare spotlight on urban poor's land rights.

China blockbuster joins top 100 grossing films worldwide

Wolf Warriors 2 is first non-Hollywood film to break into the top 100.