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No need for aspiring MPs to declare assets, says Zaid

It is more important to ensure ministers declare their financial assets and that government institutions are corruption-free and act professionally, says former minister.

Salleh: Size up people offering to serve

The minister says politicians who seek a better Malaysia must put the people above politics.

Apandi confirms lodging reports against blogger Raja Petra

Police are investigating the case as criminal defamation and also under Section 233 (1)(a) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

Political obsession is tiring and dangerous, says Salleh

Minister says people must differentiate between political edicts and religious edicts.

Salleh: Dr M’s perception of DAP raises many questions

The minister says if Mahathir has realised that his prior perception of DAP has been wrong all this time, then why didn't the former prime minister apologise to Lim Kit Siang and the party.

Beware a Perak-style coup after GE14, Zaid warns PH

The former minister claims the BN will lose in the next general election and will then resort to getting PH parliamentarians to defect in order to form the government.

The Third Force ialah blog propaganda, kata Rewcastle-Brown

Editor Sarawak Report, Clare Rewcastle-Brown membidas akhbar New Straits Times atas penerbitan semula catatan blog daripada sumber tidak boleh dipercayai, seolah-olah ia betul.

Rafizi’s defamation charge amended after he calls it ‘vague’

DPP agrees to amend the charge against PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli for defaming Tabung Haji, as the latter needs details to prepare his defence.

Salleh: Confusion over who is really heading Pakatan

Umno minister says three people have been given different titles to do the same job.

Najib: Cukuplah mod bertahan, tiba masa serang pembangkang

Najib berkata sudah tiba masanya aktivis media sosial prokerajaan BN untuk menyerang musuh-musuh di alam maya dalam usaha membantu mengekalkan BN di Putrajaya.

Penulis blog diseru mohon maaf kepada Sultan Selangor

Mais mendakwa ia mengandungi kenyataan berbaur fitnah selain memberi gambaran yang tidak benar terhadap Sultan.

Zaid: Chinese love Malaysia and want to do more, but…

Former minister says they are not too involved in the administration of the country because they have not been allowed to do so.

Zaid dares govt to drop half measures and go for full...

Former de facto law minister challenges the government to amend the Constitution to turn Malaysia into an Islamic nation.

Salleh: Verify before you vilify

Minister urges Malaysians to check the accuracy of information they receive before passing it on or using it to criticise others.

Palace invite: Dr M takes sarcastic view of retraction

The former prime minister says he accepted the invitation in November thinking it was a national event.

Zaid fails in bid to refer his case to High Court

The former de facto law minister had applied to determine the constitutionality of a criminal charge.

Salleh tells voters: It’s either Umno-led BN or DAP-led PH

Minister says BN has been around for over 40 years while opposition has had five coalitions in 26 years and never survived more than two elections.

Blogger Din Turtle meninggal dunia selepas catatan terakhir Bersih 5

Sahabat rapat beliau terkejut dan berkata akan merindui komen politik Shaifudin.

Blogger Din Turtle passes away

Shaifudin Mahmud, popularly known as Din Turtle complained of fatigue and body aches.

M’sian blogger recalls asking Trump if he was happy

Blogger Sara Khong CK recalls how seven years ago, she was given the opportunity to ask 'the Donald' a question.

Tiada lagi kedaulatan undang-undang di Malaysia, kata Dr Mahathir

Susulan penubuhan Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN), undang-undang tertangguh dan ini termasuk pemansuhan inkues kematian, katanya.

Zam: MCA sudah mati, tetapi Umno belum sedar

Zainuddin berkata usaha Najib memburukkan kerjasama Dr Mahathir dengan DAP bakal menjadi senjata makan tuan, kerana tidak sedar DAP menggantikan MCA sebagai wakil orang Cina.

Najib disappointed over Mahathir’s actions

Prime Minister appears to hit back at his loudest critic in his latest blog post.

Lelaki menyamar Sultan Johor bidas Najib

Polis mendapati Sultan Johor tidak pernah mengeluarkan sebarang kenyataan sebagaimana yang terdapat di dalam blog berkenaan.