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Lelaki menyamar Sultan Johor bidas Najib

Polis mendapati Sultan Johor tidak pernah mengeluarkan sebarang kenyataan sebagaimana yang terdapat di dalam blog berkenaan.

Salleh raps WSJ for slanting its report on Guan Eng’s case

The minister says the way WSJ presented its news report was as if the entire issue is about 1MDB and Najib and not because of the alleged corruption.

Immunise kids against diseases, Najib advises parents

PM says those who circulate rumours by citing religion should stop doing so and refer to those who know better, expressing sadness over deaths of two children from diphtheria in Malacca and Kedah.

Mahathir vows to soldier on to oust Najib

The former prime minister says he cannot bring himself to support abuse of power, including the setting up of a sovereign wealth fund, only to end up owing billions.

Salleh: S’wak has proven itself with RM27b reserves

Minister Salleh Said Keruak says only 25% of Sarawak’s expenditure was for operating expenses, unlike Penang’s 75% and Selangor’s 50%, with the bulk going for development.

Kadir: Razaleigh may have ‘secret pact’ with Najib

The real Razaleigh will stand up in time, but crudely put, he cannot be trusted to march with the masses, always wanting to be served and waiting to be crowned, says former newsman.

Why did Muhyiddin support Anwar’s sacking then?

Pro-Umno blog reminds former DPM that he supported party’s decision although Anwar was also not referred to disciplinary committee.

Polis lengkapkan kertas siasatan terhadap Tun M

Kertas siasatan itu akan diteliti terlebih dahulu sebelum dirujuk kepada DPP untuk keputusan.

Dr M: I’ll only answer questions in court

Former Prime Minister wonders why he was called in by the cops when others who have made similar statements have not been questioned.

Muhyiddin was speaking the truth, says blogger

Din Turtle asks Salleh Said Keruak whether the “truth” voiced by former DPM annoyed him.

Blog kritik Perdana Menteri disekat

Tindakan menyekat laman blog syedoutsidethebox.blogspot.my disifatkan tidak adil.

Akta menyekat laman sosial, blog yang lebih ketat

Turut disekat ialah artikel dan catatan dalam laman sosial yang menggugat ketenteraman dan kestabilan negara serta melanggar Akta Hasutan yang diviralkan menerusi media sosial.