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Tag: Bloomberg

US gets health check amid recession fears

The next seven days are packed full of key data with reports on retail sales and manufacturing setting the tone on Monday right through to the March jobs report on Friday.

The bomb that blew up in 2008? There’s a new one

The Bloomberg columnist believes there could be another global financial crisis if current investment trends into CLOs continue.

Bloomberg goes back home – to the Democrats

A frequent critic of Trump, Bloomberg has donated US$80 million to help Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives and US$20 million to help Democrats running for US Senate, which Republicans now narrowly control 51 to 49.

Lenovo shares pummelled in Hong Kong after microchip report

Bloomberg News said the tiny chips were placed in gadgets made for Amazon and Apple, and possibly for other companies and government agencies.

Apple, Amazon deny Bloomberg report on Chinese hardware attack

Unnamed intelligence and company sources claim Chinese spies had placed computer chips inside equipment used by around 30 companies, as well as multiple US government agencies, which would give Beijing secret access to internal networks.

Toyota to target tripling China production over next decade

Asia’s largest automaker is targeting to manufacture 3.5 million vehicles annually in China while boosting imports to the country to half a million vehicles.

Mahathir’s test in Najib trial: Prove it’s not political stunt

It remains to be seen if the prime minister has the political will to pursue further reforms.

Veteran journalist at Time, Bloomberg named Los Angeles Times editor

Norman Pearlstine is now the Los Angeles Times's executive editor.

Mungkin saya silap mengenai modal perniagaan 1MDB, kata Najib

Walaupun mengakui kesilapan, perdana menteri menafikan salah laku dalam 1MDB, dalam wawancara pertama beliau dengan media asing sejak 3 tahun.

BNM: Malaysia’s economy set for 5.5% growth in 2018

Bank Negara report says ongoing infrastructure projects will support investment and external demand will remain healthy, but a bit slower than last year.

New Monopoly version to ‘encourage cheating’

Monopoly Cheater's Edition goes on sale later this year, with new rules and gameplay elements in which fans are encouraged to actively cheat.

Bitcoin drops below US$8,500 as cryptocurrency misery continues

Shortly after the introduction of regulated futures in the US, Bitcoin has wiped out more than half its value.

Malaysia drops 3 spots in innovation index

It scores a total of 64.79 points of a possible 100 in the annual gauge.

See-To: Why is DAP against legalising Uber, Grab?

BNSC deputy director says there is nothing wrong with KWAP making a smart investment in Uber, or working with MaGIC to promote entrepreneurship.

Google’s free-click changes ‘significant’ for news outlets

The search-engine giant is developing ways to boost subscriptions for news publishers, including a tool for online payments.

Is your wallet getting lighter and lighter?

A think tank sees larger loan-to-deposit ratios in banks as indicating that Malaysians are finding it harder to save money.

More bank loans amid dwindling deposits in Malaysian banks

It is unnatural for loan writing to run ahead of deposit taking for so long.

Airlines worldwide ground Airbus SE jets over engine issues

Including IndiGo’s planes, there are 12 A320neos now out of service across five airlines worldwide.

Fading IS brings Southeast Asia terror risk, warns Ng

Singapore defence minister says weakening of Islamic State in the Middle East will see hundreds of hardcore terrorists returning to establish an IS-like caliphate in Southeast Asia.

Halal chocolate takes off as sweet-tooth Muslims want their fix

Malaysia doesn’t grow much cocoa, but it has become the continent’s No. 2 processor by grinding beans imported from neighbouring Indonesia.

Saudis have a lot to lose in Qatar fight

The Saudis and their allies have piled up pressure on Qatar to stop it from cosying up to Iran and bankrolling Islamist groups across the region.

Singapore Air loses as flyers swap champagne for cheap seats

Intense competition from Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad that offer luxury services has crushed profits at Singapore Air.

Malaysian stocks, ringgit rebound on higher crude oil price

Investors are picking Malaysian stocks in view of increase in government spending ahead of possible general election later this year.

China scores tacit victory at Asean summit

Asean ended the summit with a statement noting 'the improving cooperation between Asean and China' in the South China Sea.