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Tag: Boeing 737 MAX 8

Indonesia’s Garuda cancelling 49-plane Boeing 737 order after crashes

The airline says passengers in Indonesia have lost trust in the plane.

French investigators resume work on Ethiopian jet’s black boxes

The black boxes' data should provide answers to why the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft hurtled into the ground minutes after takeoff.

Malaysia suspends Boeing 737 MAX 8 flights

This comes after two air tragedies involving the planes.

Kanada tak gantung operasi Boeing 737 Max selepas nahas Ethiopian Airlines

Nahas pesawat Ethiopian Airlines terhempas Ahad lalu ialah kes ke-2 membabitkan model Boeing 737 Max 8 dalam tempoh kurang 6 bulan.

Putrajaya teliti semula pembelian Boeing 737 Max

Ia susulan pesawat Boeing 737 MAX 8 milik Ethiopian Airlines yang dalam penerbangan dari Addis Ababa ke Nairobi, Kenya terhempas, Ahad lalu.