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Tag: Boeing

Boeing: Sorry for crashes

A top Boeing executive apologises for the crashes and says the priority of the company is to return the planes to service safely.

Ethiopian Airlines rejects ‘pilot error’ claim in US

Ethiopian Airlines CEO bites back at US politician who blamed the pilots as the cause of the crashes.

Gathering clouds cast shadow over Paris Air Show

Slumping orders, production bottlenecks, regulatory pressures and the prospect of fewer flyers: Aviation executives have plenty on their minds as they head to France for the opening of the 2019 Paris Air Show.

Carriers keen on new airbus jet still hankering for Boeing rival

Potential Airbus A321 XLR jetliner buyers JetBlue and Norwegian urge Boeing to go ahead with a rival model that they say will have capabilities the European plane can’t match.

Airlines want joint lifting of 737 MAX ban, but EU cautious

Airlines are worried further splits between regulators over safety could confuse passengers and cause disruption.

US FAA says Boeing hasn’t submitted 737 MAX fix

Boeing says it has finished making changes requested by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

United CEO promises to rebook passengers concerned about 737 MAX

United are the only company to make such an announcement so far.

China’s big three airlines seek 737 MAX payouts from Boeing

China Eastern confirms that the airline has presented Boeing with a compensation claim.

Boeing acknowledges flaw in 737 MAX simulator software

The company has not indicated when it first became aware of the problem, and whether it informed regulators.

FAA says it was directly involved in 737 Max software oversight

The FAA has come under fire for approving the MCAS feature and for giving Boeing too much authority to regulate the safety of its planes.

Boeing slumped after Tweet raised prospect of lost China sales

The Chicago-based manufacturer’s jetliners so far haven’t been targeted for retaliation by the Chinese government.

Boeing vows ‘transparency’ to 737 max buyers in new outreach

Executives are using the sessions to discuss how to maintain the jetliners, which were grounded days after a March 10 disaster.

Families of Lion Air crash victims criticise Boeing over alert issue

Boeing has said engineers found the safety alert issue on its 737 MAX aircraft in 2017, a year before the deadly crash in Indonesia.

Boeing knew of 737 MAX safety system glitch year before deadly...

Boeing says management was unaware of the issue until the crash in Indonesia.

Boeing files to move crash suits from hometown to Indonesia

Boeing requests the case be moved from the federal courthouse in Chicago to Indonesia, where the plane went down and where most of the victims lived.

Lawyer named as Boeing’s new senior adviser to CEO

Michael Luttig, Boeing's lawyer will now be an adviser to the company over the safety of Boeing 737 Max after two deadly crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

Pilots demand better training if Boeing wants to rebuild trust in...

Pilots want simulation time along with briefings on how the MCAS works.

Boeing CEO poised to pitch 737 Max comeback to shareholders

Boeing has redesigned and extensively tested software that was linked to the crashes of its 737 Max air crafts.

FAA sets multi-nation review of Boeing’s troubled Max planes

The review is to begin April 29 and is expected to take 90 days.

Boeing Dreamliner plant `plagued by shoddy production’

According to reports, faulty parts have been installed in some of the planes, and metal shavings were often left inside the jets

United Airlines still expects new 737 MAX planes this year

Boeing's 737 MAX planes have been grounded globally since mid-March following two deadly crashes involving the planes.

Boeing 737 MAX training changes deemed suitable

Boeing has been working on a software fix for its anti-stall system following crashes in Ethiopia last month and Indonesia in October.

Boeing sees me as its ‘piggy bank’, Lion Air co-founder says

Lion Air has spent tens of billions of dollars on plane orders with Boeing to become one of Asia's largest budget carriers.

FAA meets with US airlines, pilot unions on Boeing 737 Max

Boeing is reprogramming software on the 737 Max to prevent erroneous data from triggering an anti-stall system known as MCAS that is under mounting scrutiny following the two deadly nose-down crashes.