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Bapa Ajay Devgan meninggal dunia, Aishwarya Rai dipuji tenangkan Kajol

Bapa Ajay Devgan, 85 meninggal dunia kerana sakit jantung.

The rich and famous vote in India’s election

India's film and finance capital take centre stage in the fourth of seven rounds of voting with 72 constituencies across the nation taking part.

India’s Bollywood plays starring role in Modi’s re-election bid

"There is perhaps no politician in the history of Indian politics who has been able to create a celebrity outreach program like Narendra Modi,"

Aamir Khan bakal terbitkan filem Forrest Gump versi Bollywood

Bollywood ada ciri tersendiri dalam menerbitkan filem yang sudah pasti ada babak tarian, nyanyian berbeza dengan Hollywood

Sonali Bendre berusaha melawan kanser tahap 4 dihidapinya

Pelakon Bollywood terkenal menghidap kanser metastatik cuba beri inspirasi kepada pesakit lain untuk terus berjuang merawat

Aamir Khan to star in Bollywood ‘Forrest Gump’ remake

Khan will play the role of Laal Singh Chaddha, based on Tom Hanks' character in the 1994 multiple-award-winning US classic.

Bollywood film hailed for centring on lesbian romance

A Bollywood movie about a family accepting their daughter is a lesbian was hailed on Friday for pushing the boundaries of cinema in socially conservative India.

Reelpolitik: India election films get Bollywood vote

The silver screen and politics have often intertwined in India.

Hero or Zero? Bollywood’s Khan eyes hit as dwarf

Anushka Sharma plays a NASA scientist with cerebral palsy and Katrina Kaif portrays a Bollywood actress with a drinking problem.

Beyonce meets Bollywood as scion of Asia’s richest man weds

People familiar with the planning estimated the expense at about US$100 million, while a person close to the family said the amount is not more than US$15 million.

Bollywood star couple announce wedding dates

The pair confirmed they will be married next month.

Amitabh Bachchan mahu bayar hutang 850 petani

Bintang Bollywood itu sebelum ini membantu lebih 350 petani di Maharashtra membayar balik hutang mereka.

Pelakon Bollywood tampil dengan pendedahan #metoo

Industri filem di India sememangnya terkenal dengan kes gangguan seksual terhadap wanita dengan andaian wanita tidak akan dapat peluang berlakon tanpa melalui “ujian di ranjang”.

Bollywood king says new age dawning for Indian film

Strong box office returns have convinced him that audiences want a wider range of options from Hindi language films.

Bollywood king says new age dawning for Indian film

Experts say the Indian film industry is on track for record earnings in 2018, after surpassing last year's US$2.1 billion mark by the end of the first quarter.

Bollywood director denies #MeToo claims, threatens filmmakers

In accusations published on HuffPost India Saturday, the unnamed woman said Bahl had insisted on escorting her to her room and pretended to pass out drunk on her bed, only to awaken and masturbate on her.

#MeToo gathers steam in India, at last

The spark is actress Tanushree Dutta, who in a recent interview accused well-known Bollywood actor Nana Patekar of inappropriate behaviour on a film set 10 years ago.

Will Bollywood brush #MeToo claims under the red carpet?

In June three actresses from the Malayalam language movie industry of southern Kerala state walked out of their film association after an actor accused of orchestrating a colleague's kidnap and rape was readmitted.

Selena Gomez berminat dengan Bollywood

Bekas teman wanita Justin Bieber itu berkata berminat dan mahu menyanyi lagu di bawah komposisi, pemenang Oscar dari India, AR Rahman.

Netflix turns to Bollywood to script India growth story

Like other US entertainment firms, Netflix has identified the need to create local content as important in winning viewers in some of the big emerging markets which are likely to dominate growth over the next decade.

Biopic spotlights troubled life of Bollywood’s ‘Deadly Dutt’

The Hindi-language actor, nicknamed "Deadly Dutt", served over four years in prison for possessing guns supplied by gangsters behind a series of bombings in Mumbai in 1993, India's deadliest to date.

‘Bollywood Oscars’ honours drowned superstar

Sridevi was considered one of the most influential Bollywood actresses of all time. Her death from accidental drowning in a Dubai hotel room bathtub aged 54 in February left the nation in stunned grief.

Bollywood star Sridevi wins posthumous prize at India film awards

India's biggest stars descended on the Thai capital late Sunday for a riotous evening filled with glamour and stunning dance routines at the International Indian Film Academy's (IIFA) annual awards ceremony, dubbed Bollywood's Oscars.

Bapa-bapa Bollywood yang jadi inspirasi kecerdasan

FMT Ohsem mengambil peluang ini untuk memetik 5 bapa Bollywood yang paling cool dan sihat dengan rutin kecergasan yang mantap untuk tatapan pembaca.