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Fox ordered to pay US$179 million to ‘Bones’ actors, producers

Fights between studios and producers are common now that consolidation and streaming TV have upended the economics of TV shows.

Giant dinosaur bones get archeologists rethinking Triassic period

The species, baptised Ingenia prima, was about three times the size of the largest Triassic dinosaurs from its era. It was discovered in the Balde de Leyes dig site in San Juan province, 1,100 kilometres west of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

Russian man accidentally digs up bones of partner’s murdered ex

The man found the bones while gardening.

Bone trove in Denmark tells story of ‘barbarian’ battle

The battle took place approximately 2,000 years ago and involved Germanic people and Romans.

Sudan unearths bones from pyramid for DNA testing

The bones were found in a burial chamber in a pyramid located in Bagrawiyah.

Discovery of bones of 5 victims: 4 cops linked to Geng...

The policemen are believed to be linked to gang members involved in drug activities.

Study says bones from Pacific island likely those of Amelia Earhart

Comparing measurements of the Nikumaroro bones and Earhart's, they concluded that she is the only documented person they may belong to.

Penang wants world heritage status for Guar Kepah site

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says prehistoric remains are a treasure trove for world archaeologists.

Ancient bones found at Penang’s stone age site

Builders of new gallery stumble upon human remains and Penang government is excited as the site may be older than the Bujang Valley archaeology site in Kedah.