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Govt lifts ban on ex-minister’s book on Islamisation

Zaid Ibrahim's book 'Assalamualaikum' was banned in 2017.

Mustafa Akyol puts banned book online for free

The Turkish academic says free download of the Malay edition will allow Malaysians to make up their own minds.

Time to close down our 20 public universities?

The High Court's defence of the government's ban on three books by IRF marks the death of critical thinking.

High Court upholds ban on 3 books on Islam

IRF says the court decision confirms minister's absolute discretion to curtail opinions.

High Court lifts ban order on G25 book

Judge Nordin Hassan allows a judicial review application by the group to challenge the ban and set aside Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's decision on the matter.

Government told to pay Zunar RM1,000 over book ban

The High Court allows the cartoonist to claim general damages from the government over the 2017 ban of his book, 'Sapuman: Man of Steal'.

Home minister has no power to ban books on Islam, court...

Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF) is seeking a court order to declare the ban on its three publications null and void.

Lifting ban on G25 book: I can’t decide on my own,...

Home minister says the group’s book touches on Islamic teachings, something which the ministry is not an authority on.

G25 urges PH to lift book ban

The book, 'Breaking The Silence: Voices of Moderation: Islam in a Constitutional Democracy', was banned in 2017 by the previous administration.

AG to advise Putrajaya to lift ban on Faisal Tehrani’s books

Tommy Thomas decides to drop a challenge seeking to overturn the appeal court's decision to quash the ban.

Mahkamah benar Zunar cabar keputusan haramkan karya kartun hentam kerajaan

'Sapuman' merupakan antara 9 karya Zunar yang diharamkan kerajaan dengan alasan mengancam keamanan.

Court allows Zunar to challenge ‘Sapuman’ book ban

The High Court has granted leave to the cartoonist to challenge the government’s decision to ban his book ‘Sapuman: The Man of Steal’.

Court allows G25 to challenge Putrajaya over book ban

Lawyer Malik Imtiaz says G25 seeks to revoke ban on its book because the home minister has no basis to impose a ban that is outside his scope of powers.

Pua: Book bans are the actions of a ‘communist-like’ regime

PJ Utara MP Tony Pua says banning of Zaid Ibrahim's book shows the immense and arbitrary power that the Printing Presses and Publications Act holds.

Why is Malaysia scared of books, asks Zaid

Former minister Zaid Ibrahim says the country has not seen so many books being banned as what is happening now under the current administration.

Zaid’s book on Islamisation of Malaysia banned

Former minister Zaid Ibrahim tweets that his book launched in Oct 2015 has been banned by govt, thus becoming latest book on Islam falling foul of home ministry.

Case management for IRF’s book ban challenge fixed for Jan 2

The Muslim group must get leave from a judge of the apex court before a five-man bench can hear whether there is merit to consider a declaration that a provision in the Printing Presses and Publications Act is against the constitution.

IRF takes book ban to court

The Islamic Renaissance Front has also filed a motion in the Federal Court to seek a declaration that a provision allowing Putrajaya to control undesirable publications is also unconstitutional.

G25 take legal action to quash book ban

Group files judicial review to remove ban on “Breaking the Silence: Voices of Moderation" after efforts to discuss ban with home minister comes to naught.

Akyol takes a dig at Putrajaya’s banning of books

The Turkish intellectual who was arrested in Malaysia last month ‘reminds’ the federal government of the dangers of imposing ignorance over the people.

‘Royal rebuke on extremism insufficient without grassroots support’

Norshahril Saat of the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute says society should give intellectuals and activists space to develop critical ideas, and be aware that such groups are relevant for modern needs.

Does Zahid understand scholarly research, asks academic

UCSI professor Tajuddin Rasdi says banning books by acknowledged scholars is a dangerous trend that can lead to a degenerate society.

Paulsen blasts govt over latest book bans

The LFL chief says the move is inconsistent with Malaysia's effort to get re-elected to the UN Human Rights Council.

‘Books should be read, not banned’

Lawyers for Liberty chief Eric Paulsen says as a modern democracy, Malaysia should not follow the path of repression, totalitarianism with books banned on a whim.