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Tag: border control

Trump proposes tighter gun control tied to US immigration reform

Trump appears to blame the US news media and what he considers unfair coverage for violence like the weekend shootings.

Rights group links human trafficking to weak governance

Tenaganita says there's no monitoring mechanism to ensure that laws, policies and procedures are well enforced.

Venezuela reopens border where migrants used trails to reach Brazil

More than 3.4 million Venezuelans have left the country since 2015 due to a political and economic crisis.

No need to mistreat migrants for border control, IFRC says

According to the IFRC, migrants around the world face increasing barriers to essential services such as health care, shelter, food, and legal help.

New immigration system: Zahid aims for ‘zero defects’

The immigration system transformation will be rolled out by 2021 at a cost of RM6 billion.

China to teach Malaysia how to control its borders

Malaysia can do better than a barbed fence or wall with Thailand when China uses drones and hi-tech to watch its frontiers.

No plans to scrap vehicle entry permit, says Liow

Transport minister says cars entering at all borders must have VEP, not only Singapore cars going into Johor.