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Tag: Borneo Dayak Forum

Tribal roots, religion and politics hold back Dayak unity

Dayak people in Sabah and Sarawak continue to uphold tribal affinity, while in Central Kalimantan, 'imported' religion is a problem.

Selfish leaders blocking common Dayak identity, says Jeffrey

Borneo Dayak Forum International president Jeffrey Kitingan says the indigenous people have been indoctrinated with the divide and rule mentality for generations.

New council to unify Dayak native laws in Borneo

International Dayak congress also proposes that Borneo Island be renamed Dayak Island.

Dayaks to have permanent rep at UN

The tribe's traditional government, representing populations in three countries, has appointed Sabahan Andrew Ambrose for the job.

Dayaks of Malaysia and Indonesia seek informal seat in the UN

The Borneo Dayak Forum says such representation can give the Dayak people a voice on the world stage and help protect and preserve their ways, while contributing to cultural tourism.

Borneo Dayak see BDF as platform to build island-wide solidarity

For the first time in their history, the Borneo Dayak Forum is giving the indigenous community recognition as one people, despite their different geographical locations and nationalities.