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Tag: Brett Kavanaugh

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway: ‘I’m a victim of sexual assault’

Conway made the disclosure to CNN's Jake Tapper on his State of the Union news show while defending Trump's embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

FBI’s probe of Kavanaugh will have limits set by White House

The bureau hasn’t been authorized to investigate the claims of Julie Swetnick, said a person with knowledge of the probe who wasn’t authorized to speak publicly.

Senator Flake’s journey to defying Trump on Supreme Court nominee

Flake’s shift from full-throated support for Brett Kavanaugh to demanding an FBI investigation of sexual misconduct allegations against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee was seemingly swift.

Trump orders FBI probe of Kavanaugh as Senate delays final vote

Trump's order and the decision to put off a final vote came after a key Republican senator, Jeff Flake, threatened to break ranks with his party due to the clouds hanging over Kavanaugh's head.

US Senate to vote on embattled court nominee after fraught hearing

The allegations against Kavanaugh by Blasey Ford, a psychology professor in California, have threatened to derail Trump's bid to tilt the highest US court to the right for years.

Once key Bill Clinton questioner, Kavanaugh now under cringeworthy scrutiny

'If Monica Lewinsky says you inserted a cigar into her vagina, would she be lying?' Kavanaugh asked former president Bill Clinton more than 2 decades ago.

Trump backs Kavanaugh after fiery hearing

Several Republican senators accuse Democrats of trying to delay Kavanaugh's nomination until November in the hopes of capturing control of the Senate.

Republican lashes out over Kavanaugh accusations

After being silent on the hearing most of the day, the White House sounded its approval of Graham's counterattack – and in doing so signalled its support for the embattled nominee.

Woman details sexual assault allegation against Trump court nominee

Two other women, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick, have also accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in the 1980s.

Trump’s top court pick, accuser to face high-stakes hearing

If Kavanaugh's nomination survives what is expected to be tough questioning from Democratic senators on Thursday, the committee could vote on his appointment on Friday.

Trump defends Supreme Court pick but says he could change mind

The Kavanaugh nomination has turned into a political firestorm ahead of November congressional elections and is threatening to derail Trump's push to get a conservative-minded majority on the top court ahead of the vote.

New allegation of drunken assault surfaces against Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh physically assaulted a woman he socialised with in the Washington area in 1998 while he was inebriated, according to an anonymous complaint.

Trump: allegations against high court nominee a ‘con game’

Kavanaugh's confirmation would firm up conservative control of the Supreme Court and advance Trump's goal of moving the high court and the broader federal judiciary to the right.

Kavanaugh intensifies counter-offensive against sex accusations

Democrats say that is all the more reason to halt the nomination process and let the FBI, which carries out background investigations for candidates to high positions, investigate them.

Kavanaugh says he was a virgin in high school, ‘never’ assaulted...

Kavanaugh has denied ever attending the parties described by the two women or even being present at gatherings where such behaviour took place.

US Democrats investigating new sexual misconduct claim against Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh denies the incident occurred, calling it 'a smear, plain and simple'.

Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh’s accuser tentatively agrees to testify on Thursday

The agreement is in the works for California professor Christine Blasey Ford to possibly testify on Thursday, but details have yet to be finalized.

US Senate’s Grassley sets Saturday deadline for Kavanaugh accuser

Grassley gave Ford's attorneys until 2.30 pm EST to negotiate the terms of her testimony to the committee next week.

Trump questions Kavanaugh’s accuser, says opponents want to ‘destroy’ nominee

Trump took to Twitter to question Christine Ford's account of what happened between her and Kavanaugh at a party in 1982 when they were in high school.

Trump says Supreme Court pick’s sex accuser should testify

Trump's comments essentially amounted to telling Christine Blasey Ford, the California psychology professor at the centre of his presidency's newest firestorm: put up or shut up.

GOP rejects Kavanaugh accuser’s bid for FBI probe before hearing

Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley said in a statement late Tuesday that there’s no need for an FBI investigation into the allegation by California college professor Christine Blasey Ford.

Trump picks conservative judge Kavanaugh for US Supreme Court

In picking Kavanaugh, Trump aimed to entrench conservative control of the court for years to come with his second-lifetime appointment to the nation's highest judicial body in his first 18 months as president.

Trump focused on Kavanaugh, Kethledge for Supreme Court

It was said that Amy Coney Barrett of Indiana was still in contention but that the Republican president had been asking more questions about the other two, who have more extensive judicial records.