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Juncker: No-deal Brexit risk remains despite delay

The withdrawal deal negotiated by Prime Minister Theresa May with the EU has been rejected three times by the British parliament.

Compromise? Time ticking down for Britain to come to Brexit agreement

Theresa May has been forced to turn to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after giving up on winning over eurosceptics in her Conservative Party.

UK starts issuing passports without ‘European Union’ on cover

Britain was set to leave the EU on March 29 but has been forced to delay its exit to June 30 amid political paralysis in Westminster over the terms of the divorce deal.

UK might have to hold European Parliament elections

Prime Minister Theresa May has said she does not want Britain to take part in the elections.

Brexit delay law approved by UK’s House of Commons

Theresa May is constantly seeking delays to the Brexit deal in hopes to avoid any disorder once it departs from the European Union on April 12.

Brexit still pushing financial jobs from UK to EU

Britain was due to leave the EU on March 29 but departure has been delayed until at least April 12.

EU’s Juncker: No more short Brexit delays unless leave deal approved...

Jean-Claude Juncker said the EU was ready to upgrade a proposed blueprint for new EU-UK relations after Brexit, from the one already negotiated by May.

UK PM May says she wants to leave EU on May...

Theresa May is seeking to thrash out a Brexit compromise with opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

UK PM May says she will ask for a further Brexit...

Theresa May says she will hold discussions with opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to work out a plan that is agreeable to all.

Let’s be open to credible Brexit proposals from Britain

Leo Varadker believes there is still time for UK Prime Minister Theresa May to come up with credible proposals for the European Council.

UK lawmakers set out plan to force PM May to seek...

The lawmakers did not give a timetable for the legislation, but are due to take control of parliamentary time on Wednesday.

Britain’s May calls in ministers to find way out of Brexit...

The third defeat of Theresa May's withdrawal agreement has left the weakest British leader in a generation facing a spiralling crisis.

No-deal Brexit looking more likely

If Theresa May does not get a vote for her withdrawal agreement, there are only two other options available – leaving with no deal or seeking an extension for Article 50.

Unlikely there will be a vote on PM May’s Brexit deal...

Theresa May is expected to try one last time by bringing her Brexit deal back for a vote this week.

British government to hold five hours of cabinet meetings on Tuesday

The meetings will consist of a political cabinet and a traditional cabinet meeting.

PM May’s Brexit deal still the best option

British lawmakers are due to vote on Monday on alternatives. 

Struggling May puts stripped-down Brexit deal to a vote in parliament

The vote illustrates the depth of the three-year Brexit crisis that has left the country uncertain how, when or even if it will ever leave the EU.

Next UK PM must believe in Brexit

The former leader of the ruling Conservative Party said thus far Brexit negotiations have been handled as a 'damage limitation exercise'.

UK lawmakers poised for pivotal vote on May’s Brexit deal

MPs were not originally due to sit on Friday but the government called an emergency session.

Softer Brexit now possible, not DUP’s priority

Democratic Unionist Party deputy Nigel Dodds has said his party will not be backing Theresa May's third attempt to pass her Brexit deal in parliament.

No-deal Brexit on April 12 is UK’s most likely option right...

If Britain wants to hold another referendum or an election it would need to delay Brexit by at least several months.

British MPs vote against all alternative Brexit options

The options being voted on included negotiating for closer economic ties with the EU after Brexit, among others.

Ready or not? Britain’s ‘no deal’ planning

The divorce from the European Union will have far-reaching effects on the British economy.

UK MPs ‘finally’ take control of Brexit, German conservative says

Norbert Roettgen welcomed the British parliament's decision to vote on a range of Brexit options.