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UK PM’s Brexit delay letter complies with the law, says lawyer

Scotland's top court will decide whether Johnson’s move conforms with the Benn Act.

Brexit will happen despite PM’s unsigned delay request, UK says

The EU is clearly bewildered by the contradictory signals from London.

PM UK tunduk desakan MP, hantar surat tanpa tandatangan tangguh Brexit

Boris Johnson sebenarnya berharap usaha beliau untuk melaksanakan Brexit akan menjadi kenyataan semalam dengan penggubal undang-undang secara sukarelawan akan menyokong perjanjian keluar.

British PM sends unsigned letter seeking Brexit delay

British MPs triggered law requiring Johnson write to EU leaders for time extension.

Brexit: MP mahu tangguh, PM UK bertegas tidak akan runding dengan...

Jika kesepakatan tidak diluluskan oleh Parlimen hari ini, Johnson dikehendaki oleh undang-undang untuk meminta EU memberi tempoh tiga bulan bagi Brexit.

British parliament votes to force Brexit delay, Johnson remains defiant 

The vote means the government will not hold a vote on its Brexit deal on Saturday as planned.

British PM fights threat of further delay in Brexit debate

PM Johnson needs a clear vote in favour of his deal to avoid triggering a law requiring him to ask the EU to delay Brexit for the third time.

Thousands take to the London streets demanding new Brexit referendum

Protesters waving EU flags and carrying signs calling for Brexit to be halted gather at London's Park Lane before marching to parliament.

Brexit D-Day sees only fourth Saturday parliament sitting since WWII

British PM Boris Johnson vows to force UK out of EU even if his divorce accord is rejected.

Brexit: Demonstrasi besar-besaran di London hari ini, tuntut referendum baru

Penunjuk perasaan, dari seluruh United Kingdom, akan berkumpul di Park Lane tengah hari ini dan berjalan ke parlimen ketika anggota perundangan bersedia untuk mengundi.

Angry over Brexit, thousands to gather in London demanding new referendum

The campaign director said government should heed the anger of pro-Europeans.

Ringgit slips against US dollar at opening

Lower crude oil prices fail to have major impact on the ringgit's performance today.

Ringgit dibuka susut berbanding dolar AS

Minyak mentah kini didagangkan pada harga AS$59.74 setong, merosot 0.28 peratus.

Pound hits 5-month high on Brexit draft deal

Analyst says ‘it’s been a dream start to the day’ for British PM Boris Johnson.

Growth in US inventories sees oil trade jump to near US$53...

Industry data adds to concern that global supply keeps growing amidst dwindling demand.

Brexit within grasp as deal with EU clinched

Boris Johnson still needs N. Irish party’s approval for the agreement.

UK MP quits Labour Party over anti-Semitism concerns

Louise Ellman resigns after 55 years, accuses leader Jeremy Corbyn of racism.

Pound goes up as Brexit talks near completion

Option traders pricing biggest swings on potential of deal being signed off soon.

EU, UK seen closing in on ‘possible’ Brexit text

Ireland PM says there are some issues still to be sorted out.

Global economic outlook ‘precarious,’ no room for mistakes, IMF warns

The body urges policymakers to find resolutions to trade disputes.

Deal or no deal? UK’s limited options as Brexit deadline looms

PM Boris Johnson determined to exit EU but constrained by law to seek extension if he fails to agree on deal.

Oct 31 Brexit a priority, says Queen Elizabeth

End of month deadline among more than 20 bills highlighted in monarch’s speech.

Britain, EU enter make-or-break Brexit week

UK must move quickly if it wants a solution as the clock is ticking.

Goldman sees pound rallying further as hopes of Brexit deal rise

If EU and UK PM agree on a deal this week, enough lawmakers will support it to ensure an orderly Brexit.