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Tag: Britain

Amanda Knox: An advocate for the wrongfully convicted

Knox returns to Italy for the first time since her acquittal to speak at a conference on wrongful convictions in Modena.

Britain says US action will play a role in Huawei decision

Jeremy Wright says Britain must not undermine America's restriction on Huawei when deciding whether it can participate in the 5G network roll-out.

UK minister signs US bid to extradite Assange

British Home Secretary Sajid Javid signs an extradition request for Julian Assange by the United States.

Britain calls on HK to pause extradition bill, maintain rights

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt says Hong Kong must take steps to protect its rights, freedoms and high degree of autonomy.

Britain sets deadline for carbon neutrality by 2050

Britain's top advisory body on climate change this year says the target could be achieved within a budget of 1-2% of gross domestic product by 2050.

Huawei denies being bound by Chinese spy laws

Huawei’s cyber security chief tells the UK parliament there are no laws in China that obligate the tech firm to work with the Chinese government.

Ubisoft plays into streaming trend at E3 video game event

Ubisoft is an early partner with Google while the tech giant was developing its own gaming streaming service Stadia.

Russia’s Putin to Britain: let’s turn a page on Skripal incident

Vladimir Putin wants relations with Britain improved after the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter to which London blames Moscow.

‘Good Omens’: Amazon Prime bets big on the apocalypse

The show is the latest in a string of recent series to explore the relationships between humans and the afterlife.

Rise of the Machines: AI beats humans in multiplayer shooter

The team led by Max Jaderberg used a modified version of Quake III Arena, a seminal shooter that was first released in 1999 but continues to thrive in the eSports world.

Britain, Canada worry over Hong Kong extradition ‘risk’

Hong Kong's pro-Beijing authorities are pushing a bill that would allow extraditions to any jurisdiction with which it doesn't already have a treaty.

Mobile barber cuts a dash with Afro-Caribbean Londoners

Appointments are book via a mobile phone app, summoning a van to where the client is.

Boris Johnson faces court hearing for Brexit ‘lies’

Johnson will be summoned to appear before a London court to face allegations of misconduct in public office.

Race to succeed May centres on ‘no deal’ Brexit battle

The candidates to succeed May have all said they are ready to exit the EU with or without a Brexit deal in place.

HSBC takes hits as Brexit Britain’s consumer casualty list grows

The closure of Jamie Oliver’s chain of restaurants means HSBC is sitting on about £30 million of potential losses.

British health minister joins PM race

Hancock believes Britain needs a leader for the future and not just the present.

Brexit may be entering ‘very dangerous’ new phase for Ireland

A Eurosceptic Prime Minister, who either goes with the Brexit plan or disputes it, could likely be underway in Britain as Theresa May resigns.

Theresa May to step down as PM on June 7

Theresa May announces her departure as Britain's Prime Minister on June 7.

Theresa May to step down as PM

May’s successor elected in a two-stage process under which two final candidates face a ballot.

Daniel Craig to undergo ankle surgery after Bond set injury

Last week Variety reported that Craig slipped and fell awkwardly while sprinting on set.

Prince Charles has a new title: Boutique hotel owner

Prince Charles was very closely involved in the renovation efforts and wanted everything to be done 'properly'.

Jamie Oliver: TV star and man on a mission

Oliver grew up with dyslexia and did poorly in school, that drove him to find his passion and prove himself at work.

Banksy’s home city an urban canvas for elusive artist

Despite years in the international spotlight, remarkably little is known about Banksy.

Britain warns of Iran-US conflict, Pompeo meets Europeans

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned last week that Tehran could resume enrichment at a higher grade if the European powers did not do more to circumvent punitive US measures on banking and energy to boost trade.