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EU, UK agree draft on ‘ambitious’ post-Brexit ties

The two sides have also agreed a draft deal extending the transition period by one or two years beyond the end of 2020, a final sticking point of the divorce deal.

UK, Australia blame Russian military for cyber attacks

Researchers at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in London said Russia often conducts cyber attacks to simply show it is capable of disrupting the networks of a potential enemy.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan prompts fresh Tory division

The former foreign secretary, who resigned from the government in July over the issue, described May's current proposals for the future relationship with the EU as a moral and intellectual humiliation.

EU grudgingly accepts no-deal Brexit would still include some deals

The future customs border is the key point of contention as the sides differ over how to avoid installing border checks between Ireland and Britain's province of Northern Ireland, fearing an upset to the island's Good Friday peace agreement.

UK minister holds first talks in Iran since US quit nuclear...

Britain and other European signatories are trying to keep the nuclear deal alive, despite Trump's reimposition of sanctions on Tehran.