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How a Brit got Asia to fall for Macau’s Portuguese egg...

Macau's Portuguese egg tarts is surprisingly British and city folks queue up to indulge the mouth-watering tarts.

Trump calls London mayor ‘stone cold’ as he lands in the...

Trump has arrived in Britain with his wife Melania for a three day visit, and he blasts the London mayor calling him 'stone-cold loser'.

Stock markets extend drop, oil recovers

Global stock markets are kicking off a new week with another bout of selling taking hold amid a ramp-up in trade war fears, a senior market analyst says.

Boris Johnson launches campaign to become next British PM

The launch video follows Johnson on the campaign trail, promising voters that he will take Britain out of the European Union.

British Airways resumes Pakistan flights after a 10-year absence

The British carrier that halted services in 2008, is running three weekly flights from London's Heathrow airport to Pakistan's capital, Islamabad.

Sleepless in Berlin: Nightingales flock to scruffy city parks

To be hearing a nightingale singing outside your bedroom window is quite an extraordinary experience, a Berlin-based British botanist says.

Where will we see Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage and Maisie Williams...

While some will take a break after the end of GoT, other members of the cast are already working on other projects for the small and silver screens.

Colin Firth to star in WWII drama ‘Operation Mincemeat’

The British Oscar winner is set to star in a new World War II drama as a spy spreading disinformation to protect Allied soldiers mounting raids against the Nazis.

Sheeran doubles fortune but Lloyd Webber is richest UK musician

Broadway giant Andrew Lloyd Webber has leapfrogged Beatles legend Paul McCartney to become Britain's wealthiest musician.

Pompeo seeks to win over Britain on Iran, Huawei

The former CIA chief has changed his plans and arrived in London London after briefly aborting his tour of Europe and paying an unannounced visit to Iraq.

Assange sentenced to 50 weeks in British jail for skipping bail

The WikiLeaks founder, who was arrested on Apr 11 will now serve 50 days in a London jail for violating his bail.

Pound under pressure ahead of Brexit summit

The sterling remains on the backfoot over fears that the country could crash out of the EU without a deal continued to fester.

Pound surges in Asia in wake of Brexit vote

While the political situation is extremely fluid, dealers say investors are assuming the votes make a 'no deal' Brexit less likely and that is cause for relief.

Bodies of Italian, British climbers found on Pakistan’s ‘Killer Mountain’

Italian Daniele Nardi and fellow mountaineer Tom Ballard were attempting a rare winter ascent of the 8,126-metre Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas.

EU, UK officials hold more Brexit talks

Sources in London and Brussels said 'technical talks' continued on Saturday but there were no political-level discussions planned at this stage.

Bad english? No, it’s just not your English

The market for English in education is predicted to grow by 17% a year to reach US$22 billion in 2024, thanks to high demand in Asia.

UK lawmakers could vote on revised Brexit deal next week, says...

The ongoing talks with the European Union are going very well and 'constructive', said finance minister Philip Hammond.

Breakfast and more at Yesterday, Subang Courtyard

This cafe-restaurant claims to be a British Colonial and Japanese inspired brand, and the menu does reflect the theme pretty well.

Dindings: Britain’s least known former colony

Dindings is a strip of Perak territory ceded to Britain in 1826, and which remained a colony as part of the Straits Settlements until it was returned to Perak in 1935.

Two British soldiers injured in Syria by IS missile

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the pair were part of the international anti-jihadist coalition, led by the United States.

Pound notches biggest gain in 6 weeks as May survives vote

Sterling is up 1.1% on the day at US$1.2629, its largest one-day gain since Nov 1.

Over a third of Brits are full of stress rather than...

Time is also a factor, with 27% stressed about not having enough time to get things done and 17% worrying that deliveries of food and presents won't arrive on time.

Inside the historical Kota Kayang Museum in Perlis

The current building, completed in 1999, is supposed to be structurally identical to the one it replaced which was used as the official residence of the British Advisor to Perlis.

Gin Pahit and the drinks of the British Empire

By the early 20th century, Pink Gin spread all over the British Empire to become an elegant and fashionable drink among the cocktail loving classes.