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The story of bubble tea and who first added in the...

With bubble tea all the rage, it's time everyone get acquainted with the humble woman whose invention is still causing a sensation around the world.

Harujuku sediakan tong sampah lepas minum ‘bubble tea’

Kebersihan perlu dijaga dengan baik dalam menikmati minuman 'bubble tea' yang kini digilai ramai.

Taiwanese bubble tea brands face mainland boycott over HK gesture

Mainland Chinese internet users are infuriated over popular bubble tea franchises voicing their solidarity with Hong Kong street protesters.

KKM gesa pengeluar ‘bubble tea’ pantau kandungan gula

Pengusaha minuman digesa merumuskan semula bahan-bahan mereka ke arah lebih sihat dan mengelak dikenakan cukai gula yang dilaksanakan kerajaan.

Bubble tea, a sweet but deadly brew?

Malaysia has the highest rate of diabetes and obesity in Asia, and its love for bubble tea is not helping.

Tax teh tarik and bubble tea as well, says think tank

Galen Centre points to made-to-order drinks as main culprits in high sugar consumption.

Bahaya… Perut gagal hadam 100 biji ‘bubble tea’

Adalah menjadi kegilaan orang ramai sekarang ini untuk minum “bubble tea” namun bebola kecil yang terdapat di dalam air tersebut haruslah dikunyah dengan sehingga hancur agar tidak memudaratkan.

Bubble tea ‘bubble’ may burst soon, says economist

Arrival of new players in SS15 and other parts of Subang Jaya will see competitive advantage affected, says Carmelo Ferlito.

Chatime Malaysia aims to be world’s biggest Chatime operator by year-end

A year after ‘comeback’, the company says it has recorded impressive growth and is looking to invest overseas.

Economist: Tealive saga unlikely to affect investor confidence

Barjoyai Bardai says although the company has to abide by court ruling to stop operations, investors following the saga may understand its defiance due to impact on employees.

Tealive outlets bubbling with customers despite court order

Loob Holding failed to get a stay order against a court decision prohibiting its outlets being operated similar to Chatime.

Chatime Malaysia offers help to Tealive outlets, staff

It says the decision to allow affected outlets to return and re-operate under Chatime was made due to overwhelming requests.

Tealive loses bid to stay injunction order

Tealive operator Loob Holding Sdn Bhd says it has instructed its lawyers to seek leave to appeal over a court decision stopping them from running a business similar to its former franchise owner, La Kaffa International Co Ltd.

Court bursts Loob Holding’s bubble with injunction

The Appeals Court grants an injunction against the company from running a similar business as Chatime.

Chatime to sue Loob Holding over alleged brand misrepresentation

Chatime Malaysia group MD Aliza Ali says legal letter was issued yesterday to the former Chatime master franchisee.

Twitter is trolling ‘The New York Times’ for story calling bubble...

The story has since been heavily edited and the headline reworked twice with the final piece now reads "Bubble Tea Purveyors Continue to Grow Along with Drink's Popularity."