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Thai schoolboy dies after violent hazing ritual

Police confirm the boy had passed away and add that the three seniors – who have already been charged with assault – would face more serious charges.

US president invites bullied boy named Trump to annual speech

The youngster isn't a member of the president's family, but instead a boy from Wilmington, Delaware, who has been bullied in school as a result of his last name.

Nauru blasts ‘insolent’ China for speaking out of turn at meeting

Nauru is hosting leaders of 18 Pacific nations, plus delegations from the United States and China, at a time of growing tension and rivalry in a strategically important region with access to swathes of resource-rich ocean.

China says ‘bully’ United States started a trade war

President Donald Trump said the United States was in a nasty trade battle with China, but things would ultimately work out.

Don’t speculate on ‘nightmare’ specialist case, Health DG says

Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah assures that stern action will be taken if the doctor accused of threatening violence on a houseman is convicted of wrongdoing.

CCTV not enough to curb bullying culture, says psychologist

Geshina Ayu Mat Saat says it is likely that bullying takes place out of CCTV coverage as bullies would know the camera locations.

Bully victim Nhaveen’s case moved to High Court

Four teenage boys are charged with his murder.

Criminologist: Replace ‘Moral Studies’ in school to tackle social ills

P Sundramoorthy says a USM study on curbing social problems had recommended that ‘Human Social Behaviour’ be taught in schools instead.

‘Improper for teachers to use physical force on students’

There are many other ways to handle problematic students, say experts.

US boy’s anti-bullying video sparks outpouring of support

Keaton Jones's mother posted the video on Facebook Friday, writing that her son asked to make it after he had her pick him up from school because he was afraid to go to lunch.

Chemist report not ready, new date fixed for Nhaveen’s case

Family’s lawyer hopes the bully-murder case will be expedited.

Design of present schools ideal for bullies

Prof Tajuddin Rasdi says the buildings provide too many 'hidden and negative areas' that allow for bullying to take place out of sight.

Education ministry to probe ‘drunk’ student being bullied

Video shows eight students pushing and shoving a fellow student as well as hurling profanities at each other.

Friends taunt intoxicated boy, force him to dance

Video shows a group of boys laughing and holding on to their friend as they force him to dance despite his obviously intoxicated state.

Dead cadet’s dad worried after UPNM bullies allowed back

It would really be sad if another student becomes their victim, says Zulkarnain Idros, whose son Zulfarhan died on June 1 after allegedly being tortured.

NUTP: Teachers should not be made society’s ‘babysitters’

National Union of the Teaching Profession's secretary-general says tackling social ills requires the cooperation of various quarters, not teachers alone.

Over 26,000 support Nhaveen signature campaign for UN

Petition creator wants more people to sign up to help give bullying victims the courage to speak out.

Why didn’t teachers stop Nhaveen’s bullies?

Lawyer-child activist says schools and parents must put a stop to bullying as it can have far-reaching consequences.

Youth allegedly sodomised in rehab school dorm

He was purportedly attacked by three seniors, believed to be aged 20, who have since been detained.

Victim in hospital but 20 school bullies go scot-free

Bullying incident in school buried, apparently to protect future of the 20 bullies.

S’gor Exco praises woman MBSA officer in viral video

Selangor executive councillor urges members of the public against harassing enforcement offices discharging their duties.

PAGE: Bullies need help too, not just suspension

The government needs to look at more positive alternatives, and have a better understanding of the actions of bullies, says PAGE chief Noor Azimah Rahim.

How to know if your child is being bullied

There are many red flags, says an expert.

Student in ICU after being beaten up in school

Form 2 student from Sungai Petani school sustains serious head and bodily injuries after beating by four Form 3 students.