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Tag: burden

Guan Eng: Rising prices not entirely due to SST

The finance minister says SST only accounts for 38% of consumer price index basket of goods compared with 60% under GST before this.

MCA’s Wee wants 3 guarantees on third national car

Wee Ka Siong says, among others, there should not be a protectionist policy as this will push up car prices.

Consider alternatives to toll abolition, say economists

Saying the government will need a huge sum of money if it wants to abolish highway tolls, two economists suggest that it consider other ways to ensure a win-win situation.

Stakes rise for Merkel as EU remains divided on migration burden

A potential failure to stem the flows of asylum-seekers into Germany raises the possibility of a mutiny by Merkel’s Bavarian coalition partners.

Tabung Harapan collects RM7 million within 24 hours

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng (centre) praises Malaysians for coming forward to share the burden of settling the national debt and tells them to keep the receipts to claim income tax exemption.

Mahfuz on why he chose to leave PAS

He says PAS is out of touch with burden people have to carry.

Johari: Govt to closely monitor global fuel price, inflation rate

Second Finance Minister says decision to alleviate burden of B40, M40 groups largely dependent on how much government will stand to benefit from oil price increase.

Trump: Transgenders to be banned from US military

The military cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgenders in the military would entail, the US president says.

Reconsider Employment Insurance Scheme, Putrajaya urged

Malaysian Association of Hotels says insurance scheme makes responsible employers pay for 'sins' of errant employers.

6% GST should be cut by half, says DAP

Perak DAP Economic Bureau Chief Chong Zhemin says the bottom 40% household income group find it difficult to survive on zero-GST products.