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Burger halal dan ‘vege’ Harley, hanya di Cyberjaya

Ramai yang mencari lokasi makan burger halal dan sesuai untuk golongan 'vegeterian'.

Harley’s Burger and Roasters: Best halal burgers in Cyberjaya

Burgers, milkshakes, coffee, cakes and more - this American fast-food chain has them all. And a mouthwatering vegan burger option as well.

Eat out: Tantalising delights of Ramadan [email protected]

The Ramadan Bazaar treats at TTDI are a favourite among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Check out the video below for what's in store when you go there.

Burger gergasi sempena pertabalan Maharaja Jepun hanya di Hotel Grand Hyatt...

Burger bersaiz sebiji bola sepak dihasilkan sebagai meraikannya pada harga RM3,682

Emperor burger: Tokyo chef whips up US$900 monster for new monarch

The juicy 3kg whopper, painstakingly prepared by chefs at the swanky Oak Door steakhouse in Tokyo's Roppongi district goes on sale today.

US McDonald’s is topping its iconic Big Mac with bacon

The bacon-themed menu begins its roll-out January 30 in the US.

Witness: I heard a loud slamming noise the day Ivana died

Mohd Rehab Haji Ismail says he heard a noise 'like a pile of bricks falling' as he was operating his burger stall across the road.

5 foodie favourites in Wangsa Maju

Over here, you will find lots of restaurants and stalls serving a wide range of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Korean and Taiwanese food.

Chick-fil-A, Wendy’s and Chipotle are among America’s favorite fast-food brands

America's favorite fast-food chain is Chick-fil-A, while Wendy's has knocked the crown off Burger King to become the country's top burger brand.

Cabar diri makan burger tarantula

Pelanggan yang berjaya habiskan burger berharga AS$30 (RM116) akan dihadiahkan sepasang t-shirt khas.

Free burgers for voters on polling day

All customers have to do is show their ink-stained fingers at Epic Fit Meals Co outlets.

McD Singapura hidang Burger Nasi Lemak

Selain Burger Nasi Lemak, McDonalds Singapura memperkenalkan Cendol McFlurry, Bandung McFizz dan Pandan Coco Frappe.