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Hundreds of CNY passengers stranded at Duta bus terminal

Land Public Transport Commission says the bus operators were probably trying to avoid the commission’s Op Serkap, resulting in passengers having to wait for long hours.

At least 18 dead in Hong Kong bus accident

The driver's speeding was the cause of the accident.

Family of 4 killed in car-lorry crash near Sabak Bernam

Among the victims was a six-month-old baby boy.

Bus tickets to Malaysian cities from Singapore in short supply

Those intending to travel to Malaysia by bus from Singapore over Chinese New Year period will have a hard time obtaining tickets.

52 people killed in Kazakhstan bus fire

All the casualties were citizens of Uzbekistan.

48 injured in German school bus crash, say police

The cause of the accident has yet to be determined.

MP calls for monthly public transportation pass

DAP's Ong Kian Ming says more people will take public transportation if monthly public transportation pass is introduced.

Peru bus plunge kills 48

The bus plunged 100 meters and landed upside down on rocks at the edge of the sea after a collision with a truck along a stretch known as the 'devil's curve'.

Price hikes for school bus fares unfair for parents, says group

Public transport group calls for a committee to be set up to review any price hike.

Bus driver stabbed for leaving passenger behind

The passenger had apparently gone to use the toilet when the bus left without him.

Remains of 7 Indonesian bus crash victims flown home

They died in Tuesday's accident involving two factory buses.

Fatal crash: Factory worker claims bus driver was speeding

Indonesian says driver initially ignored warnings of smoke emissions from engine.

RapidKL bus driver suspended following viral video

The bus is seen going over a divider and taking up two lanes on the road in the incident in Puchong yesterday.

Inconsiderate taxi drivers must be put in their place

The lack of enforcement has emboldened taxi drivers to the point they think it is their right to occupy the narrow lay-by reserved for buses.

13 bus drivers test positive for drugs

This is more than the six cases reported in 2015 and five in 2014 during the Aidilfitri holiday season.

LRT for Kuching: Abang Johari vows to carry on

‘DAP says I am full of hot air. Never mind, just wait. Next three years ... We will deliver what we promise,' Sarawak chief minister says.

Old woman forced to get off Rapid bus

Misunderstandings and arguments are common, but when a driver gets down from his bus and demands that a passenger he does not like get off his bus, it means he has clearly crossed the line.

UMT student dies after being run over by bus

24-year old science undergraduate is run over by a bus after losing control of her motorbike at a traffic light junction in Marang.

DAP: Upgrading Sarawak bus service will cost fraction of LRT

LRT costs may exceed RM10 billion, while a five-year upgrade plan of the bus service is estimated to cost RM500 million, says Pending rep.

KL-Klang BRT service ready in two years, says Liow

Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai says there will be a dedicated lane for the bus service along the Federal Highway from Pasar Seni to Klang town.

Sleep is the devil, even with a second driver on a...

It is better to discourage overnight travel in express buses by introducing a surcharge.

Popular ‘express health screening’ service crippled

MACC arrest seven doctors and two runners believed to be involved in providing fake health certificates to taxi and bus drivers which enable them to obtain or renew their Public Service Vehicle licence.

Bus operators against 2nd driver rule to get hearing

Any dispute should be accompanied with a proposal to ensure the safety of passengers and other road users.

Bus firm: Marriage certificate not required for tickets

We respect our passengers’ privacy, says long-haul bus company which practises gender segregation.