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‘Let bus operators set fares, train drivers for free’

Locals discouraged from becoming bus drivers by high 'entry cost’, not lack of interest, claims Pan Malaysian Bus Operators Association president Ashfar Ali.

Bus hits toll plaza structure, injuring 10 pupils

The bus was heading to Butterworth when its brakes failed, causing it to graze against two lorriess waiting to pay toll and hitting the structure.

Paralympic champions tour capital city

They are greeted with cheers and honks while on an open top bus.

Expand myBAS programme, government urged

Pan Malaysian Bus Operators Association says expansion of myBAS model to all areas nationwide would be a win-win solution for consumers and operators.

Driver killed, 15 hurt in Genting bus crash

Accident involving busload of tourists from China occurs while bus was coming down Genting Highlands.

SPAD to suspend company behind ‘runaway bus’

Public transport commission's CEO says it hopes any suspension imposed on Qistna Express will serve as a strict reminder to industry.

Bus operator may lose licence after crash

Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) is now investigating incident together with Miros.

Two injured after bus rams into 10 cars

According to police, accident was caused by brake failure.