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Green Tea Kuih Bakar: The new old obsession

This humble dessert is also known as Kuih Bakar Kemboja because of its distinct flower shape.

Pan-fried salmon cubes in Schezuan pepper salt

Pan-fried, then served with a dipping sauce, this dish tastes decadent and delicious.

Slow-cooked Salmon with Chilli Bean Tomato Sauce

Slow-cooked Norwegian Salmon is not just healthy but also best in bringing out the flavour in the salmon itself.

Spiced Mandarin Orange punch puts the zing in any party

Leftover Mandarin Oranges lying around? Turn these into an iced or warm drink with loads of ginger, honey and cinnamon.

Garlic in sesame oil: Bitter, sweet and delicious

Fried garlic in sesame oil helps elevate the flavours of certain dishes.

Guilty pleasure: Crispy Fu Chuk with fish paste filling

Crunchy on the outside, warm and chewy on the inside, add to a Chinese-style clear soup or eat as a snack dipped in a sweet and spicy sauce.

Going absolutely bananas!

Some are good eaten ripe, most are fantastic deep-fried and all make delicious fried mashed banana balls (Cekodok) when over-ripe.

Slow-cooker Devil Curry: Fall-off-the-bone tender and delicious

While spicy, there is no curry powder or curry leaves used in the making of this heritage Eurasian dish.

Chocolate and chilli: A match made in heaven

Spiced hot chilli chocolate is not something new as even the Mayans of Guatemala in 460 A D were already enjoying chocolate with cornmeal and chillies.

Steamed salmon head with salted soya-garlic-chilli sauce

Salmon is known to be beneficial for your health due to its high Omega-3 content and vitamin B.

Ginger Flower: The perfect Malaysian twist to pesto

Besides the main ingredient of ginger flower, the secret to this lip-smacking dish that truly packs a punch is prawn paste.

Masterchef contender shares her Ayam Masak Merah recipe

Rendang-gate created quite a stir when a judge told Zaleha her delicious Chicken Rendang wasn't 'crispy' enough. Here's another one of her famous dishes.

Rich and creamy pumpkin in coconut gravy

This mild yet rich coconut gravy pairs incredibly well with cooked-till-tender chunks of sweet pumpkin flesh.

Slow-cooker chicken curry for super lazy days

All you need do is put everything in a pot, give it a stir, close the lid, press some buttons and wait a couple of hours for a hot, home cooked meal.

Cucur Udang by the famous Masterchef Zaleha

Cucur Udang may look easy but is a technical dish to prepare - you must have the correct ratio of flour to water, and oil for frying at the perfect temperature.

A green apple smoothie with a local twist

In this green apple ulam smoothie, the vegetables are minimal, so non-health freaks won't be scared off by the prospect of having to drink their vegetables.

Comforting slow-cooker creamy coconut chicken stew

The good thing about making stew in a slow cooker is that there's no need for stock.

Have yourself a health-boosting mango-turmeric smoothie

This smoothie contains ingredients that help reduce inflammation, fight bloating and ease digestive problems besides promoting sleep and weight loss.

Sink your teeth into some slow-cooker bread butter pudding

This recipe is so incredibly moist that there’s no need to serve it with extra cream on the side.

Refreshing watermelon-lime-mint smoothie to cool you down

This smoothie is all you need to quench your thirst during this heatwave.

Fuss-free fish head curry that packs a punch

Slow cooked for four hours on a low temperature, you'll be amazed at how the flavours intensify.

The Roti Jala dessert recipe you’ve been waiting for

Green Tea Lace Pancakes with Gula Melaka Custard is one dessert you'll keep making over and over again - it's that delicious.

Slow-cooker Mutton Korma is super easy and delish

Since mutton is a tough meat, slow-cooking it over several hours will result in succulent and tender morsels best eaten with rice or flat bread.

Lip-smacking slow cooker black glutinous rice porridge

Black glutinous rice is believed to be healthier than brown rice and is suitable for vegans and health fanatics.