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Penang family has no right to reclaim wakaf land, High Court...

The Penang Islamic Religious Council also says the High Court has no jurisdiction to deliberate on the wakaf land issue.

Penang port found with 2 times more imported plastic waste than...

Customs says 265 containers filled with plastic waste are lying idle at the Butterworth port after being brought in from overseas since January.

Another dumpsite found as Penang declares war on plastic waste

Thick vegetation over a site near Perai river shows that it has existed unnoticed for some time.

Heavy rains, strong winds wreak havoc in Penang

Over 50 people evacuated so far as flood waters rise.

Penang Islamic council sued by ‘heir’ to wakaf land

Muhamad Amin Abdul Rahman claims he is the rightful heir to the land, which was never meant for wakaf or Muslim endowment purposes.

19 settlers on wakaf land in Butterworth agree to move out

Penang Islamic Council decides to give temporary homes for them.

19 families face eviction from Muslim endowment land slated for high-rise...

The Penang Islamic Religious Council says they have to leave because the matter has dragged on since 2010.

Blacksmith strikes wife with clothes iron over delay in mixing drink

Police say man tested positive for morphine and had previous convictions for drug abuse.

Sepasang kekasih antara 3 ditahan edar dadah bernilai lebih RM150,000

Polis merampas syabu seberat 750.9g, ketamin (340g), pil eramin 5 (230 biji) dan pil ekstasi (23 biji) di sebuah apartmen di Butterworth.

Penang revives plan to reclaim land off Butterworth coastline

The state signs a supplementary agreement with the company given the project to reclaim land in 1999 as part of a deal to relocate squatters.

PRM to contest in Port Dickson by-election

Three candidates have been shortlisted to take on PKR.

Not reformist enough? I know who fled in 1998, says Azmin

The PKR deputy president says he supported Anwar Ibrahim and the party's cause, unlike those who fled at the height of unrest in 1998.

Cops arrest nanny who pinched crying baby

Hospital staff alert police after the mother sought treatment for bruises on the chest of her 10-month-old infant.

Terminally ill teen gets to fly in jet thanks to police

18-year-old leukaemia patient flies on a private jet for the first time as police and the Children’s Wish Society make his dream come true.

16-year-old pleads guilty to kicking cat

Form 4 girl to serve a one-year good behaviour bond.

Butterworth’s Penang Sentral to open in December after 11-year wait

It will cater to 4,000 passengers from express buses, trains and ferries daily.

Mat Sabu regales hometown crowd with stories from Putrajaya

In a thick Penang Malay accent, new defence minister talks about his boss, the raid at premises linked to Najib Razak and meeting royalty.

PH will win over Umno, PAS supporters, says Mujahid

The Pakatan Harapan leader is confident more Malays will switch their support in the next few years.

Defence ministry: Military plane for Mat Sabu justified, cost-effective

The ministry says the trip enabled the pilot to fulfil his flying hours requirements.

Senjata, pengangkutan perlu ‘pembaharuan segera’, kata Mat Sabu

Menteri pertahanan berkata persenjataan dan alat pengangkutan tentera perlu moden dan canggih selepas mendengar taklimat tentera darat, laut dan udara.

41 motorcycles destroyed in Penang car park fire

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward as the place is not equipped with CCTV camera.

Cops to hold inquest into Vasanthapiriya’s death

Penang police chief A Thaiveegan says public prosecutor's office gave approval for inquest into circumstances behind teen's suicide attempt.

Grandpa charged with sexually assaulting granddaughter

He is accused of making his 7-year-old granddaughter touch his genitals and perform oral sex on him.

Cops recover bedsheets stolen from Pakistani carpet seller

Butterworth police cripple gang, which includes a teenage girl, which robbed foreign workers of their money and belongings.