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Scooter Braun buys Big Machine, owner of Taylor Swift’s albums

The deal could be worth more than US$300 million.

Question mark over Manchester City purchase of local football club

Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has indicated that the team is not buying any clubs and was in Malaysia just to meet a sponsor.

To rent or to buy, that’s the question

While the market may be good for rental income today, will it be good for rental income forever? The answer is obviously 'no'.

Measures to boost the property market

However, any move that makes the property market become more speculative, should be avoided at all costs.

Better to rent or buy? You decide

There are compelling reasons for both, so assess your situation and make an informed decision.

When’s best to buy property? The answers may surprise you

The best time to buy properties was 20 years ago. The second-best time may just be today.

Living with your parents? Why you should buy anyway

If one still lives with their parents, it becomes even more advantageous to buy a property and its the ideal investment.

Go by the law, MB says after RM2 million raised for...

Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari says any move to buy the land on which the temple sits has to go through certain legal processes and that the state government has a neutral stand on this.

DividendMagic: How to read financial statements and buy stocks

Learn how to read financial statements so you can pick and buy your own stocks in the future.

10 reasons to buy property – Part I

Apart from being a relatively safe investment, it's a form of forced savings and will not suddenly lose half its value overnight like some other investments can.

Turkey rushes to buy advanced Russia air defence system

The S-400 is the latest generation surface-to-air defence system developed by Russia and is considered by NATO countries to pose a threat to their aircraft.

Visitors to Langkawi can now buy up to RM1,000 tax-free

However, Dr Mahathir says this does not include liquor or cigarettes, which are injurious to health.

Why buying is still better than renting

Hong Kong has become the most expensive city to live in for expats primarily because rental rates are soaring.

Rent-to-own or buy? It’s down to the cash in hand

If you have RM34,000 in cash as the downpayment of a RM200,000 home, go ahead and buy. But for those who don't, renting is the better option.

Abramovich knocks back approach to buy Chelsea, reports say

Chelsea's future has become uncertain since Abramovich ran into UK visa problems, which caused him to miss Chelsea's FA Cup final victory over Manchester United last month.

Sabah gets new government, but Shafie says it’s not over yet

The Warisan president says he is looking at several options as there were many clear breaches of election rules by BN and EC officials.

Prisons Dept keen to use non-lethal pistols

They can immobilise four prisoners at the same time.

BOJ buys record US$7.8 billion of Japanese ETFs in March to...

The BOJ has bought 1.9 trillion yen in ETFs in January-March, about 30% of its annual purchase goal, according to data it released on March 30.

IHH Healthcare to buy major stake in India hospital chain

IHH, which operates the Parkway Pantai chain of hospitals, is preparing a war chest of RM3.9 billion to make the offer to Fortis shareholders, says report.

Millions of music hits may soon be for sale. Will Sony...

Adding EMI’s extensive catalog would solidify Sony’s position as the largest music publisher, as paid streaming services proliferate and valuations for music copyrights soar.

Saudi Al Rajhi family buys Wisma Mont Kiara

The family purchases Wisma Mont Kiara for RM122 million from Singapore company as part of investments in Malaysia.

Never buy animals as Xmas present, say animal groups

Paws Animal Welfare Society says online sales of pets should be stopped.

Only 1 workbook for each subject, says education ministry

It says the use of workbooks during teaching is not right since the ministry's textbooks are sufficient.

Dual-generation home loans a bad idea, warns property expert

Property expert says better to rent, while National Housebuyers Association provides tips for those whose hearts are set on owning a house.