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Anti-graft group tells govt to come clean on third national car...

C4 says the project would require huge government-guaranteed funding.

C4 tells Penang govt to be transparent on reclamation project

Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism says it will lodge a report with MACC if it finds 'anything suspicious'.

C4 wants audit, review of RM4.4 bil River of Life project

Reported shortfalls in physical progress to clean up and beautify a 10km stretch of the Klang River is cause for concern for taxpayers, it says.

MBPJ pantau kakitangan lebih ketat selepas ‘video rasuah’ tersebar

MBPJ akan menjalankan program kesedaran dan kursus motivasi khas dalam usaha mengukuhkan integriti dalam kalangan kakitangannya.

Tak salah polis berniaga melalui koperasi, kata Muhyiddin

C4 mendedahkan KOP Mantap milik koperasi polis memiliki saham dalam 23 syarikat.

Nothing wrong with cops doing business through co-op, says Muhyiddin

Home minister says if there is any impropriety, those complaining should report them to the authorities.

Police involvement in businesses will lead to conflict of interest, warns...

It warns that businesses involving any law enforcement agency may lead to abuse of power.

Khalid defends chairmanship in welfare arm of FT ministry

The Federal Territories minister says his appointment does not require Putrajaya's approval.

Taman Rimba Kiara: Khalid kecewa, malu sikap aktivis buat tuduhan melulu

Khalid Samad mendakwa S Ambiga dan pengarah eksekutif C4 tidak mendapatkan maklumat penuh daripadanya sebelum membuat tuduhan tidak berasas.

Apa jadi dengan reformasi GLC, pemerolehan, soal badan pemantau, pemikir

Pusat Membasmi Rasuah dan Kronisme berkata PH tidak dapat memenuhi janjinya selepas pemimpin-pemimpin politik dimasukkan ke lembaga pengarah syarikat-syarikat berkaitan kerajaan.

What became of reforms promised for GLCs, procurements, ask groups

C4, IDEAS are of the view that reforms are coming very slowly.

Tangguh projek terowong sehingga SPRM selesai siasat, kata C4

NGO anti-rasuah menyeru SPRM percepatkan siasatan ke atas kemungkinan rasuah dalam penganugerahan kontrak dan perkara berkaitan.

Suspend tunnel project until MACC probe is over, C4 tells Penang...

The anti-corruption NGO also calls on MACC to speed up its investigation into possible corruption in the awarding of the contract and related matters.

Make sure GLCs not used for political financing, C4 says after...

The Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism makes several suggestions, including for a Public Sector Malfeasance Act to prevent abuse of power by those in public office.

Buangan sisa secara haram adalah isu keselamatan negara, kata aktivis

Jika tidak dihentikan Malaysia mungkin akan menjadi 'tapak pembuangan sisa dunia'.

C4 raises alarm over ‘political appointments’ in FT ministry welfare arm

Anti-graft group chief Cynthia Gabriel says there is a "real danger" of politicians sitting in foundations and abusing their position "as seen in the past".

Come clean on MRB land sale, anti-graft group tells EPF

C4 says it is untenable for EPF to be involved in questionable transactions and business deals.

PTPTN’s RM1 mil donation to zakat board raises suspicions, says C4

The Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism says move 'begs the question' if the Kedah Zakat Board is badly managed and whether donation is linked to PPBM's AGM tomorrow.

Table procurement bill immediately, C4 tells Putrajaya

Anti-graft group’s executive director Cynthia Gabriel says latest Auditor-General's Report indicates 61% of federal departments do not comply with procurement policies.

Scorpene deal: Razak coy over possibility of being questioned in new...

The former close associate of Najib Razak says he is always ready to cooperate with the authorities.

Groups welcome re-opening of Scorpene probe

C4 Centre and Suaram say the scandal surrounding the 2002 submarine purchase is one of the previous government's 'greatest robberies'.

Budget increase for MACC is good, say anti-graft NGOs

Transparency International Malaysia says considering the country’s current economic condition, the increase is a fair one while C4 says MACC must be made “fearlessly independent”.

Halt Penang Transport Master Plan project in wake of landslides, says...

C4 wants an independent review of the mega project following the latest landslide in Penang which has claimed nine lives so far.

I can’t reveal details of MACC’s probe, Khalid tells C4

The Federal Territories minister says anti-graft NGO should ask for details from MACC itself.