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A day of shame for Malaysia

It is International Day for Victims of Enforced Disappearances but Malaysia appears to have made little progress in the matter.

Criticise, but do so constructively, Bar Council man says on IPCMC...

Muhammad Rafique Rashid Ali, co-chair of the Bar's IPCMC committee, says matters of contention are still open to consultation with stakeholders.

IPCMC bill weak, needs more consultation, NGO says

CAGED says the functions of the commission have been watered down from the original bill drafted in 2005.

Review kidnapping charge in Pastor Koh’s case, says CAGED

The civil society group says the charge is at odds with much of the evidence adduced during the Suhakam inquiry.

We’ll consider task force ‘bogus’ until chairman removed, says CAGED

The group wants the task force probing the disappearance of 2 individuals to remove former judge Rahim Uda and former police officer Zamri Yahya.

CAGED sambut baik pelantikan orang baru ke pasukan siasat kehilangan Amri,...

Kenyataan KDN bagaimanapun tidak menyentuh mengenai percanggahan kepentingan melibatkan Pengerusi Rahim Uda dan Pengarah JIPS, Zamri Yahya.

CAGED welcomes 2 new additions to task force

However, the NGO remains deeply disturbed that the terms of reference have still not been defined.

5 reasons why Zamri Yahya should withdraw from task force on...

Zamri, as serving head of the police's Internal Affairs Department, is clearly an interested party.

Cabinet urged to reject Muhyiddin’s explanation of task force line-up

CAGED repeats its objection to several of the task force members and notes the omission of terms of reference.

NGO pula persoalkan barisan pasukan petugas siasat kehilangan

CAGED mempersoalkan pelantikan beberapa anggota dalam pasukan petugas yang ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat kehilangan 2 orang.

Now, CAGED questions missing men task force lineup

The NGO takes issue with some of the appointments of the task force set up to probe the disappearance of two people, and calls on Malaysians to reject it.

Task force to investigate missing men must be credible, says NGO

Citizens Against Enforced Disappearances says the team to be formed by the home ministry must include members of civil society.

Teenager tells police he shot caged monkey for fun

Police say the boy and his father, the owner of the gun, have been arrested after a video of a youth shooting dead a monkey in a cage went viral.

Cops can’t investigate themselves, CAGED says over Amri’s disappearance

The civil society group says the top cop's response on an officer who refused to testify at Suhakam's inquiry has eroded public confidence in the police.

I never claimed to represent families of Koh and Amri, says...

Andy Yong and other lawyers and an NGO say their threat to sue Putrajaya is motivated only by genuine interest.

Lawyers, NGO give Putrajaya ultimatum over enforced disappearances

They want the government to set up a special task force to investigate enforced disappearances and provide remedies to the victim's families, or face legal action.

Keluarga rayu PM arah siasatan baru ke atas kehilangan 4 individu...

Jurucakap Citizens Against Enforced Disappearances yang mewakili keluarga mangsa berkata, mereka percaya Pastor Raymond Koh, Amri Che Mat, Joshua Hilmy dan isterinya, Ruth Sitepu masih hidup.

NGO gesa jangan tunggu 5 tahun tubuh badan pantau polis

CAGED berkata badan pemantau polis sangat perlu ditubuhkan untuk menangani kes penghilangan paksa dan kelakuan polis.

Don’t wait 5 years to set up police watchdog body, urges...

CAGED says there is a great need to set it up, not just to address enforced disappearances but also to address other concerns people have about conduct of the police.

Act on ‘alarming’ Suhakam inquiry revelations, NGO tells home minister

CAGED says the Special Branch officer who revealed to the wife of missing activist Amri Che Mat that police were involved in abducting him may have been under pressure to subsequently deny he said that.

Come clean on abductions, NGO tells police

CAGED wants an immediate probe into the claim by Amri Che Mat's wife that she was told by a police informer that the police were responsible for the disappearance of her husband and Pastor Raymond Koh.

Group questions police over ‘sudden’ ending to Suhakam inquiry

The Citizens Against Enforced Disappearances group also questions why no prior announcement was made by the police for a high-profile case.

No excuse for Poca threat, say human rights groups

CAGED, LFL and Bersih 2.0 speak up against Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's warning that Poca may be used against money-laundering suspects.

Castrating rapists a ‘barbaric act’, say human rights groups

They say the Sarawak state government should reject the proposal, as it is against human rights.