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Tag: Cake

Let them eat cake!

In a fascinating showcase of the Malaysian baking industry, beautiful cakes take centerstage during the Eat Cake Today Cake Show 2019.

5 delicious cheesecake recipes to try right now

Surprise family and friends with a fluffy and delectable cheesecake treat by following any of the recipes below.

Alila Ubud: A luxury rainforest vacation

Set in the midst of a lush rainforest, this boutique hotel provides a refreshing and tranquil atmosphere for guests.

Thursdvys thrills with its quirky décor and good food

Pronounced Thursdays, this café's name was picked in remembrance of a string of significant events that the founder experienced on that particular day.

Chocolate Chip Kopi Mug Cake… oohhh yum!

Made in a jiffy, this mug cake is moist, aromatic, and oh-so-good for tea-time or a sinful midnight snack.

Coffee Mug Cake that’s a breeze to make

Fluffy and warm with that necessary hit of coffee, this recipe is a breeze to put together and requires only basic ingredients.

At Disneyland Paris Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday cake comes from Pierre...

This treat lands on the eve of Mickey Mouse's 90 birthday, which falls November 18.

Kek Lapis: Saluting its sweet heritage

Originally from Betawi, Indonesia, Sarawakians have put their own spin on this moist, sweet dessert that locals and tourists alike clamour for now.

Cyberjaya a failure, think tank study finds

In its report on Cyberjaya, IDEAS, which compared it with Silicon Valley and other hubs and looked at its stated objectives and the role of government, says failure may have been built into its design.

UK royal wedding cake to be made by London-based California baker

Claire Ptak of Violet Bakery in London has been tasked with baking the cake for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming wedding.

California court says baker can refuse order from gay couple

The court ruled that to make the baker create a cake for a marriage her religion forbids violates the US first amendment that protects free speech.

Bakery’s refusal to write ‘Merry Xmas’ ignites debate

Many social media users condemn Makassar-based Chocolicious Indonesia as ‘racist’, ‘fanatics’ and ‘unfit to live in Indonesia’, the Jakarta Post reported.

Teen suffers burns, blisters from Dragon Breath cookies

Consumer group says liquid nitrogen used so one can exhale smoke from the nose and mouth, is not suitable for consumption.