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Tag: calligraphy

Khat lessons renamed Jawi and will be optional, Cabinet decides

The Cabinet states the Jawi script lessons will not be part of any exam or monthly tests.

Winners and losers in khat row

As the controversy appears to draw to a close, here's a tentative list of the victorious and the vanquished.

Khat should be elective subject, says Rafidah

The former minister also says it is better to learn a language than calligraphy.

Khat already in national syllabus since 2015, says union

NUTP secretary-general: Art of khat was introduced in Year 5 Bahasa Melayu classes as part of cultural studies

Khat an art form, not religious says Wan Azizah

Deputy PM says she is aware of Chinese community concerns. "We will discuss it further."

Ancient Philippine script revival spells debate

Once confined to history classes, Baybayin is making a comeback among the Philippines' millennials, young professionals and diaspora.

The fascinating Renmin Park of Chengdu

This park is a hive of activity as people dance, sing karaoke and even practise calligraphy on the stones.

An artist strives to keep an old tradition alive

Amy Lin soldiers on with traditional Chinese calligraphy despite slowing demand and the personal challenge of ill health.

Character building: Taiwan’s presidential calligraphers

In Taiwan, the presidential calligrapher holds an important position.

From broken businessman to awe-inspiring artist

N Poolohgasingan was broke and had lost his way, but turned his life around after learning the fine art of Chinese calligraphy.