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On diet? 5 favourite Malaysian food to avoid and how to...

Despite Malaysian food having a reputation of being fattening and unhealthy, it is possible to stay healthy with the right food choices.

Weight loss or muscle gain: Which is easier to achieve?

This article details all the right components needed to ensure weight loss and why it's far harder to achieve than gaining muscle.

Weight loss: How does ‘calorie balance’ work?

Learn the science behind weight loss and the importance of having an experienced personal trainer take you through it from start to finish.

Habits holding back your diet progress

Change how you look at breakfast and beware the evils of consuming high-carb and processed foods any time of the day.

Part 5: Intermittent fasting – Tips on getting the best results

Learn how to fight hunger and break a 16-hour fast the right way.

Part 4: Intermittent fasting – what are the alternatives?

If sticking to fasting every day for 16 hours isn't for you, try fasting only twice a week, or every other month.

Part 3: Intermittent fasting – 16:8 for those who like routine

This is great if you observe a regular lifestyle and routine as you can eat through an eight-hour window in your day, and fast for 16.

Part 2: Intermittent Fasting – healthy reasons to try it

Here's your chance to liberate yourself from food dependency and give your health a great boost too.

Is the ketogenic diet for you?

Keto dieting can be an effective temporary fat loss tool and a brilliant way of resetting one’s insulin sensitivity but may not be practical for most.

Weight loss in teens: How to get them to do it...

Parents can play a role in encouraging weight loss in their children by being sympathetic towards their needs and being good role models.

Burning calories through high intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training promote post-exercise calorie burning and is more effective than other forms of training.

Essential running gear for beginners

Simple sporting gear like a good pair of shoes, suitable attire and a watch are all you need to make your running experience truly beneficial.

10 drinks Malaysians love and its shocking calorie count

It's not just the food you eat but the beverages you drink that's packed with calories you could do without.

Calorie disclosure rule takes effect for US food sellers

Many restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, and movie theatres across the United States will now be required to display total calories in all food sold.

Fewer calories leads to longer life for lemurs

Mouse lemurs that consumed 30% fewer calories than normal ended up living 50% longer.

Five tricks to burn 300 calories at the office

It's better to be active all week long than to end five sedentary days with a bout of physical activity at the weekend.

Cut the calories when eating out in different types of restaurant

There's no need to miss out on a great evening with friends, as it's always possible to make lower-calorie choices for a lighter meal.