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18 too young to be elected reps, says ex-EC chairman

Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman says 18-year-olds are not matured enough for this job.

Candidates among ‘early birds’ as Rantau goes to the polls

EC expects 70% voter turnout today.

Mohamad Hasan takes on Streram, 2 independents in Rantau

Amanah's Tandiko Dalusin and PKR's Hazan Khalid fail to file their nominations as independent candidates.

Lively atmosphere at nomination for Semenyih by-election

Police cordoned off the roads within a radius of about 50m from the hall at 6.30 am, with 733 personnel stationed to ensure security and smooth traffic flow.

Multi-cornered contest likely for Cameron Highlands seat

Four turn up at the nomination centre to submit their forms as supporters gather nearby to show the strengths of their candidate or party.

PH will not underestimate BN in Cameron Highlands by-election, says Saifuddin

This is because the polls are the first to be held in a constituency won by BN in the last general election, says PH secretariat chief.

Thai junta-linked party descends on Shinawatra stronghold

The military-backed Palang Pracharat party held a meeting in the northern city of Chiang Mai intended to reveal the names of candidates running for office.

PKR polls: I care about choosing the best, not factions, says...

The PKR president-elect says candidates who should be picked are those who are principled, have clear ideals and can be counted on to help the leadership.

EC: Allow all candidates access to Port Dickson army camp

EC chairman Azhar Azizan Harun says the defence ministry must give equal opportunities to all candidates.

Anwar wants a ‘healthy’ PKR election

The PKR president-elect says he will not compromise with those who violate regulations and go overboard in their actions in the party polls.

Keep it friendly, we’re on the same side, PKR candidates told

Rashid Din says new guidelines are to encourage candidates to be respectful and ethical, and to maintain the party’s image.

No plot in PKR against Anwar, Wan Azizah insists

She also dismisses the suggestion of factions within the party ahead of its election.

It’s tough for women in politics and here’s why, says Maria

Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah says women often miss out on key decision-making in the political setting as they have added responsibilities at home.

Trump set to announce hotly anticipated US Supreme Court pick

The Republican president is expected to choose among four judges with strong conservative credentials: Thomas Hardiman, Brett Kavanaugh, Raymond Kethledge and Amy Coney Barrett.

Trump adviser says two Supreme Court candidates are tougher sell

Leonard Leo warned US President Donald Trump against appointing Raymond Kethledge and Thomas Hardiman to the US Supreme Court.

Selangor MB mulls candidates for Sungai Kandis

Amirudin Shari says he already has a list in his head and will give it the PKR leadership to decide on who should contest the seat.

Trump speaks with 3 more possible US Supreme Court candidates

The White House confirmed that the president had spoken with Lee by phone. Lee and his brother, Utah Supreme Court Justice Thomas Rex Lee, are both on Trump's list of potential nominees.

Trump meets with US Supreme Court contenders, two in focus

Trump's nominee must win Senate confirmation. Republicans control the chamber by only a slim majority, making the views of moderates, including some Democrats, important.

Six albinos to contest Malawi’s 2019 elections

Albino candidates have never before contested Malawian elections in such great numbers, or with central coordination.

Intel’s interim CEO tells staff he doesn’t want the job

By removing himself as a candidate for the CEO post, Swan is further limiting the internal options for Intel’s board, which has chosen leaders from within throughout the company’s 50-year history.

Ambiga says ‘no’ to Bersih proposal for her to lead EC

Bersih 2.0 said Ambiga Sreenevasan is one of several people capable of being the next Election Commission chairman.

Analyst: Candidate list bad for Umno’s future

There aren't enough young people to help in the party's rebranding, says UM's Awang Azman.

PKR the weakest link? We won most seats, says Anwar

The PKR de facto leader says the party will not pressure Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad over issues like Cabinet appointments.

Perlis MB dispute drags on with no end in sight

State Umno secretary Zahidi Zainul Abidin says the party is seeking a meeting with the ruler to explain the “misunderstanding” over the impasse.