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Indian national escapes whipping for overstaying

Court of Appeal substitutes the charge against him with one of staying in the country beyond the approved period, which has no provision for caning.

All good between teacher and student in caning row

The two parties apologised after a meeting arranged by a Johor state exco.

Psychologist spells out ill effects of caning

The best way of instilling discipline is to reward good behaviour, says Intan Hashimah of USM.

Cast aside emotions in caning issue, urges Maszlee

Education minister says this case will be handled fairly according to the existing regulations and the findings will be made public.

Take case of schoolgirl being caned seriously

The caning incident raises many questions about punishment in school and whether students and parents have avenues for appeal.

Seek counselling, deputy minister tells teachers with emotional problems

Teo Nie Ching says counselling will be provided for teachers going through stress and emotional problems at work, following caning incident in Johor school.

Caning schoolgirl against ministry SOP, says advisory council member

Education activist Noor Azimah Abdul Rahman says action must be taken against the teacher.

Investigation launched after teacher’s caning leaves red marks on girl

The student was reportedly caned for calling her teacher effeminate.

No place for caning in civilised society, Putrajaya told

Human rights lawyers urge the government to reconsider its decision to retain the punishment.

Woman in Terengganu to be caned for prostitution

The sentence will be carried out at the Kajang Women’s Prison in Selangor.

Wan Azizah: Cabinet unhappy over caning of single mum for prostitution

She says Cabinet feels caning gives bad impression of Islam and humiliates offenders.

Cane the corrupt, MACC tells government

The anti-graft body says the current jail sentence is not a good deterrent.

Public caning free publicity for Terengganu, Mahfodz tells PAS assembly

Dewan Ulama chief Mahfodz Mohamed says the caning of two women led to many learning 'the beauty of Islam'.

Not all shariah punishments should be public, says Amanah rep

Seri Serdang assemblyman Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud says 'tazir' punishments, meted out at the discretion of shariah judges should suit the times.

Hadi, punishment is not just physical

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang seems to imply that it is all right to cane under Islamic law as it is 'gentler' without taking into consideration the trauma caused.

Terengganu PH denies opposing caning of lesbians

The coalition's chairman Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah says they respected and would abide by existing state laws.

PAS is tarnishing image of Islam

Many PAS clerics still have a warped mentality of the feudal age where harsh punishment was the only means to deter people from committing personal sins.

Terengganu exco: We are willing to meet critics of lesbian caning

Terengganu exco member Mohd Nor Hamzah says state government can't interfere in shariah court affair to stop caning.

Decriminalise consensual sex between adults

For a society that claims Asian values are far superior to Western values, criminalising consensual sexual acts among the LGBT community is unacceptable.

The constitution and morality – A tale of two women

The duo should seek damages for the punishment they suffered. The public shaming aspect of the punishment in Terengganu is especially alarming.

Bar is against whipping of offenders under shariah and civil laws

Caning is a cruel and degrading form of punishment that strips an individual of dignity and self-respect, says George Varughese.

I’m a practising Muslim and I disagree with Terengganu caning, says...

The PKR leader says the caning episode shows a 'skewed and narrow interpretation of religious laws'.

Terengganu MB: Backlash over caning for lesbian sex only temporary

Ahmad Shamsuri Mokhtar says the public will be able to accept the punishment if they view it objectively, not emotionally.

Caning for LGBT offence: Pahang may follow Terengganu

Pahang Islamic Religious Department says execution of the sentence needs thorough study.