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Cannabis made legal in major Aussie city

This will allow Canberrans over 18 to possess 50 grams of cannabis and grow two plants.

Thais allowed 6 cannabis plants per household under draft law

The law would allow up to six marijuana plants per household in Thailand.

Thai minister loosens up for cannabis presentation

Thai social media users are questioning whether the public health minister and his aides sampled the product for themselves after a video clip of the officials dancing to pop music goes viral.

Thailand unveils first batch of medical marijuana for hospital distribution

Thailand, which has a tradition of using cannabis to relieve pain and fatigue, legalised marijuana for medical use and research last year to help boost agricultural income.

Cannabis among top priorities for new Thai government

Developing the medical cannabis industry was a key demand of the Bhumjaithai party, one of the biggest parties in Prayuth's 19-party coalition.

Could marijuana be an effective pain alternative to prescription medications?

New research shows marijuana could be an effective treatment for pain and insomnia.

Stoned-baked pizza? South African eatery can oblige

Pizza chain Col'Cacchio pride themselves in being the first South African eatery to feature cannabis-infused pizza on the menu.

Pot firms seek to transition from sin stocks to ethical darlings

A group called the Global Cannabis Partnership has created an ESG framework that will look at issues ranging from greenhouse gas emissions to product safety to ethical conduct.

High Spirits: study finds cannabis first used in Central Asian funerals

People may have been cultivating cannabis and actively selecting specimens with higher psychoactive properties.

Stronger, faster, but not higher: Tokyo Olympics warn on weed

Toshiro Mutois is making it clear that Japan will not tolerate cannabis among athletes during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

A Jamaican scientist in search of lost ganja

The efforts of a Jamaican ganja horticulturist is making the idea of a mythical "supreme ganja" real again.

Meat based alternatives gain new popularity

The companies are banking on changing dietary habits of part of the population limiting meat consumption for environmental, health or animal rights reasons.

A combination of cannabis and tobacco may harm young adults

The Psychology of Addictive Behaviours review says a combination of both substances may result in behavioural problems among young adults. 

Generation Z Americans will be the ultimate cannabis consumers

Cannabis is slowly heading towards an acceptance by Gen Z and growing up around it is indeed normal.

Medical marijuana advocate escapes gallows with reduced charge

Mohd Zaireen Zainal is sentenced to 15 years in prison and 10 strokes of the cane after pleading guilty to possessing drugs.

Study underlines dangers of edible marijuana

Ingested cannabis reaches its peak in three hours and THC remains in the body for up to 12 hours, this leads to first time users to over consume it.

High potency pot ‘strongly linked’ to psychosis: study

Cannabis has been linked to many psychotic disorders.

In Canada, some moms say cannabis makes them better parents

Against the advice of medical professionals, Canadian mothers insist that cannabis use has made them better mothers.

Trio linked to Rafizi’s research firm nabbed over drugs

The PKR vice-president leaves it to the authorities to investigate.

Give medical marijuana a chance, says activist

PPIM's Nadzim Johan says cannabis-based products could reduce the cost of treatment for illnesses such as cancer.

Woman maintains Paris rape claim against Chris Brown

The woman, identified as 'Karima' in media reports, says Brown along with his bodyguard and a friend assaulted her in the luxury Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Cocaine found in Chris Brown’s hotel room ‘was not his’

Brown, his bodyguard and a friend were arrested after a 25-year-old woman accused them of raping her in the Mandarin Oriental.

Case of pro-medical marijuana death row man may have far-reaching consequences

Zaireen Zainal, waiting for the Federal Court to hear his final drug trafficking appeal, has written to the attorney-general to review the case as he used the marijuana to help others who were ill.

Thailand approves marijuana for medical use

Marijuana traffickers can be subject to the death penalty in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.