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Tag: capital punishment

Amnesty raises fresh fears of executions in Sri Lanka

Amnesty International says it is alarmed over reports of preparations to resume hangings although there is no qualified hangman in Sri Lanka.

France to press Iraq against death penalty for 3 French IS...

'France opposes in principle to the death penalty at all times and in all places,' the foreign ministry says

Keep mandatory death penalty, but only for heinous crimes, says ex-top...

A group led by former inspector-general of police Musa Hassan says the death penalty should be retained for crimes involving loss of lives.

Mandatory death penalty to be replaced with discretionary sentences, says deputy...

Hanipa Maidin says this will be for 11 offences under the Penal Code and the Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act 1971.

MCA, stop this hunger for hangings

The party should choose a humanist path and focus on the pursuit of social justice, democracy and human rights.

Judges shouldn’t be mere rubber stamps, Federal Court hears

The legislature's 1983 decision to take away the court's discretion on the measure of punishment amounts to interference and goes against the doctrine of separation of powers, says Gopal Sri Ram

Putrajaya urged to halt hangings pending change in law

Lawyers ask when anti-death penalty bill will be tabled and whether there's already a freeze on executions.

I just want to see my dad again, says daughter of...

Agilandeswari Mainthan, who turned 18 on Friday, wants nothing more than for her father to be released from prison.

Lawyer calls for review of laws that don’t deliver justice

Abdul Rashid Ismail says the imperfections of the criminal justice system result in the poor who face the death penalty often getting the short end of the stick.

Sri Lanka ready for landmark hanging of drug convicts

The country's justice minister tells parliament that legal and administrative procedures for the five condemned Sri Lankans were completed last month.

Keep death penalty to win war on drugs, says terrorism expert

Rohan Gunaratna says drug pushers should be sent to the gallows, and a special unit set up in each state to go after drug kingpins.

Japan hangs 2 for murder, bringing 2018 executions to 15

The hangings comes 5 months after the nation carried out the executions of cult members sentenced to death for their role in the fatal 1995 sarin attack on the Tokyo subway and other crimes.

Texas executes killer over 1993 attack on newlyweds

There have been only 11 executions this year in all other US states that carry out the death penalty.

Lawyers not convinced death penalty the answer for heinous crimes against...

Some prefer to die rather than spending their life behind bars.

Tennessee executes convict in electric chair

Only nine US states still use the electric chair as a form of capital punishment.

Cruel yet popular punishment: Japan’s death penalty

Inmates are executed not by professionals but by ordinary prison staff who receive extra pay of ¥20,000 (RM746) each.

Taiwan carries out first execution in two years

Taiwan resumed capital punishment in 2010 after a five-year hiatus, with the death penalty reserved for the most serious crimes.

US state poised for first execution with fentanyl

Nebraska's 4-drug lethal injection cocktail comprise the sedative diazepam, the painkiller fentanyl citrate, the muscle relaxer cisatracurium, and, potassium chloride to stop the heart.

Bangladesh considers capital punishment for driving deaths

The current punishment is a maximum jail term of three years. Using the death penalty for road accidents is rare anywhere in the world.

Amnesty: Mandatory death penalty ‘cracking’ after drug law changes

AI Malaysia interim executive director Gwen Lee reiterates AI’s call to the government to abolish the death penalty, saying Malaysia's resorting to the cruel punishment is out of line.

Expert: Lack of data hampers anti-drug war

A criminologist calls for intensive research into the effectiveness of law enforcement.

DAP submits 2 objections to Dangerous Drugs Act amendment

Let courts decide on drug convicts, without need for prosecution to issue certificate, says Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh.

Don’t hang me yet, wait for law amendments, Iranian tells court

Condemned former kick-boxing coach wants court to suspend death penalty as he may benefit if Parliament approves amendments doing away with mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking.

Lawyer: Wrongful conviction makes the case for death penalty repeal

Samantha Chong of National Legal Aid Foundation says lack of proper legal representation, especially for migrants, results in innocent people being convicted.